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  1. Another simple probability question

    Just in case you have not figured the answer out yet, let me give you some hints. No matter how many times you roll the dice, the probability of you getting a 6 each time will still be 1/6. Now the chance is 1/6 and the number of trials is 30, what would the number of 6s you get? I have a young cousin who had no idea about probability and I tried my very best to help him. If you still find it hard to understand, try using the link that Mr. Prometheus provided. Or you might want to look at some other sites about Binomial Distribution.
  2. Can some thing really come from no thing?

    In my opinion, if there is nothing at first, then the "some thing" you mentioned is made up of nothing. If it is made up of "nothing", it is called "nothing" but not "some thing". Therefore, it all comes to how you define "nothing" and "some thing".
  3. Space travel

    This is a very interesting theory and I would really want to investigate in that. Thanks for bring up this idea!
  4. Why is life after death really not possible?

    Well I do believe that anything is possible. Science from today always falsifies the science from the past. Therefore, the only thing I can say is that using the technology of today to investigate, it is simply impossible to know. You might say that there isn't because we don't have the knowledge and technology to figure that out.
  5. Can a Black Hole Explode? [NO!]

    Ya the wording is bad. And the grammatical error.. Is it peer reviewed?
  6. Science can't explain everything so you will need religious. But believing in a religious without scientific proof is blind.