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  1. Thanks but all this time dilation & curving geometry can explain change in kinetic energy of a substance because if it is just the motion of matter in this curve geometry without any action of force (or rate of change of momentum is zero in that curve space) then its kinetic energy will have to remain same. Then, this is just the motion of object in its own path by its own way.
  2. You are true but change in kinetic is happens due to change in momentum & rate of change of momentum is force. So, how could we avoid any force action in this event.
  3. Without burning fuel acceleration happens:- Just consider some space craft is fired from earth & moving with velocity more than escape velocity of Mars & it is passing through gravity of mars with its fuel tank empty. Then 1) Definitely due to Mars gravity it will first accelerate & attend the velocity much more than escape velocity & near to Mars, it will move in curve path. This spacecraft will again escape from Mars gravity. Now, as it will go away from Mars, its velocity will definitely get reduce to some extent. 2)When spacecraft is approaching the Mars increase in the
  4. 1)Nasa uses gravitation force of planets to propel space craft & also to change direction of space craft. Gravity is just space curvature then it can only change the direction of space craft but to accelerate it. I think, we must require force because kinetic energy is get added into it. 2)This addition of kinetic energy is only done by work done in the direction of motion. 3)Can work done is possible with out any force in the direction of motion? 4) In this situation energy of space craft increases then who looses the energy. Co-ordinate system looses the energy which is in direct co
  5. Polar jet can not be called as explosion & this polar jet will actually reduce the gases in the galaxy (by throwing it away) then such explosion as given in following article , How can solve the problem of missing mass in our galaxy? New article:- https://www.sciencerecorder.com/news/2016/08/30/black-hole-explosion-explain-milky-ways-missing-matter/ Many times I ask the question that just after the big bang there is matter having much more density in small space than require for black hole. Then Why did the universe not collapse and form a black hole at the beginning?
  6. I am coping again, I think by coping this to explorer directly will work http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/09/the-milky-ways-supermassive-black-hole-exploded-2-million-years-ago-lighting-up-a-cloud-200000-lys-a.html But this is impossible.
  7. 3 years ago, I read one article which says that black hole can explode http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2013/09/the-milky-ways-supermassive-black-hole-exploded-2-million-years-ago-lighting-up-a-cloud-200000-lys-a.html Can it possible? Is this world come in to existence due to super & super massive black hole explosion.
  8. but if I fixed reference frame on earth, I can give answer to motion on earth (or near to earth...) but this earth frame calculation shows that whole world is revolving around it in one day which is wrong. Until I fixed reference frame appropriately, I can not find actual motion of object in that system. One negative point of reference frame is it is always at rest for it self...
  9. I have some problems 1) vacuum & space are different or same? 2) space is relative or not. 2) If I put reference frame on earth. I can explain motion of substance near earth only but it can not be used to give answer to motion of substance on other planet or even on moon or galaxial motion. This reference frame can explain only for motion near to earth or this space is only related to earth only. 3) What is space? it is just mathematical co-ordinate system or something else.
  10. I like this, means, Earth base co-ordinate system or sun base co-ordinate system etc...... Means, Big mass create space around it & any other big mass create more bigger space around it.
  11. I accept that space is not absolute then are we living in multiple space? for example, I am in earth space, also solar space, also in galaxial space & also in world space.
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