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  1. I second that emotion.
  2. Yes we agree and already knew that. Did you know that even the most brilliant scientist couldn't walk at that stage? Agree, already knew. Agree, already knew. I'm a layman, Doctor, with only a passing interest in linguistics and what you have presented so far is nothing new. Perhaps you could take a stable at the Indus Valley script. That might be interesting.
  3. Well relaxed in the way they will give you a chance especially if you're not a repeat offender. Sure they have no problem dropping the hammer when called for.I like this board the best because it allows for new ideas without descending into chaos. Even though I'll never have a thread there speculations is one of my favorite forums. I just like to see what people think.
  4. Exactly, I think most of fall somewhere in between intellectual and laborer. I'm probably pretty close to the middle. Yeah pretty neat, similar to a dovetail joint I have used building cabinets. Only with a dovetail you do need a little glue. If you're talking about being contacted after hours I agree and have been put in that situation.I was referring more to thinking about how to work out a problem and of course sometimes the reverse is true I've started a small shed and sometimes it's on my mind at work. I think I'll stick to my cordless drill and screws tho. Yeah I agree but also if you like what you do it's not really work.I work a rotating 12 hour shift (I'm at work right now) and I'm only required to work 3 days one week (36 hours) and 4 days the next (48) but I usually work 1 or 2 of my off days. If I didn't enjoy the job I probably wouldn't. We actually have on our crew a 55 year old single man who works 6 to 6 Mon thru Sat. That's 84 hours a week and he doesn't do it for the money. There's just nowhere else he would rather be. Yeah maybe 9 years till I retire if everything goes well. And as much as I enjoy what I do I look forward to it. Like you I am not concerned about boredom at all.
  5. Born in Cocoa Beach FL. Raised all over but I've been in or near Florence Al for a long time now. And BTW I work 60 hours (more or less) per week and​ enjoy most of them. The few hours I don't enjoy are really bad.
  6. And I am glad you feel that way. That's not the problem. The problem is assuming people work one way or another when most of us use both. Intelligence and physical labor. But yes I should have said it the first time. Thank you for valuing all the contributing members of our society I do feel the same way. We are all needed.
  7. Look guys I am sure you don't mean to be but you are in fact insulting a large portion of the population. Boilermakers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters​, and people like me have all these skills and many more use both mind and body to get our jobs done. Sensei's mistake IMO was to assume that only intellectuals work on problems in their head while at home or whatever. I can assure you that is untrue. I'm am working on a water reclimation project right now and thinking on it is how I put myself to sleep at night. And it's not stressful it is something I enjoy. On the other hand you both seem to think there are two kinds of people in the world, those who work from the neck up and those who use from the neck down. Almost nobody is really like that.
  8. Hi Sensei Most of the time I really like your posts but wow is this one condescending. I am just a run of the mill maintenance guy at my factory and no one would ever mistake me for a "true intellectual" but I spend a lot of my free time thinking of projects at work. I actually enjoy my job and the challenges it provides. Without me and millions of others doing what we do the "true intellectuals" would be busy fixing the toilet instead of making the breakthroughs we all enjoy so much.
  9. Well, Dick, it seems you have provided some evidence for your claim by misunderstanding the word "speculation". However some counter evidence might be the vast infrastructure man has built using language. I think most of us understand that language has it's limitations but that's all there is. Written language, spoken language, sign language, you can even use math as a language. If you use it to communicate then it is a language and misunderstandings will occur. I am curious as to what your proposal is. If you would present it (instead of goofing around) and it has merit I feel sure discussion will follow.
  10. Thank you. I read through the entire link and found it very informative but also heart-rending. For anyone out there who thinks this is a simple cut and dried issue please go to the link and read some of these girls stories. If I ever implied in any way that this was an easy decision I am sorry it was never my intention. Two other things I got from the link. 1) Fixing poverty will go a long way towards fixing this problem. 2) The cases of abortion due to rape are underreported. Reading some of the girls stories it was obvious they were being abused and didn't think of it as rape but it was or same as.
  11. My first request was aimed at pro life advocates, please assist in better sex education and more contraception availability.My second was for everyone to look for better ways of dealing with the problem of unwanted pregnancy. My third was to the pro choice members, admit there is a problem which you have done more than once and try to understand my point of view which I'm not sure you have. Early in the thread Delta brought up the problem of these two camps understanding each other. I quoted this above in the hope that we would all try a little harder. You read me about right. I can drink all I want as long as I stay put but as soon as I crank up the car I have crossed a line. This can be caused by ignorance as well.As I said before I don't only think the woman is being irresponsible but the man as well. Yes I know it is all to easy for him to shirk his responsibility and that is often exactly what happens. I cannot change the circumstances anymore than I can give the unborn a voice. Did you read the survey of reasons given? Beyond their control accounted for less than 2%. Thank you. It was not a trick question. The motives you assigned to me are incorrect.It was important for me to hear you say abortion isn't just one of many options rather it is the last option. I have talked to more than a few pro choice advocates who do not take that position. Again thank you. I looked through the CDC report and did not find your claim that 51% were using birth control at the time of contraception.Please provide a cite while I contemplate how this might change some of my views.
  12. Whoa that dog won't hunt kemosbie. It's not a term used in North Alabama and I'm pretty sure in most of the "old South".Anyways I ain't claiming him. Yes it's a very old supposed Cambridge study in linguistics. I think the university denied it years ago. This was the first link I came across from 2007.http://scienceavenger.blogspot.com/2007/12/cambridge-word-scramble-study-its-fake.html?m=1
  13. Thank you. And that is a good motivation, good enough, and part of mine as well but of course I would add sanctity of life to the list. I covered the rape situation above it is a very small number 1%. I am willing to make exceptions in hardship cases. And as I said before I'm not asking for a total ban but in 2013 we(USA) had 200 abortions per 1,000 live births. That is one in every five. Of course if I had my way the number would be zero but I am not going to get my way. I have no interest in any of those things. I also have no interest in controlling men's bodies but if a man cannot control his alcohol intake and is out running over people in his car a decision has to be made by a responsible society. I know that is a bit extreme but I think you are ignoring what Delta said, you see a bag of chemicals, an undetermined possibility and I see a helpless baby, a human like me. You are also ignoring the fact that I never suggested a ban in any way. What I am asking for here is suggestions on how to make abortion a rare thing. Is one in every five fetuses aborted acceptable to you? I also don't think the whole responsibility should be placed on women. If I have unprotected sex knowing I am not in a situation to raise a child I am just as complicit as she is. Unfortunately it is so easy for me to sneak out the back door but then they make words for people like that.
  14. So does this mean that you have given up on your other wild idea? http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/103220-a-logical-perspective-on-the-origins-of-homo-sapiens-sapiens/page-1
  15. For me this too is kicking the can down the road. Whether or not we can get to the boundary much less outside of it. It still exists ergo there must be something on the other side and if it's nothing then it must be an infinity of nothing. But what is this boundless yet finite space contained in? Again we have kicked the can down the road. This is just my opinion and I can't really prove it but I am convinced there is no way around infinity.The only other option in my mind is for time and space to have spontaneously started from a complete nothingness. BTW I just gave the nothing a name so now it is something.