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capsule that can measure vital signs from gi tract

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I read magazines like science and tech briefs and in one of them i read really interesting topics like they are trying to make meat in a laboratory, they have invented a helmet for football that measures breathing rate heart rate better against concussions, and can tell how strong your concision is after you get it, but what really caught my eye is a type of capsule that can measure your heat rate breathing rate ,take pictures of the gastro intestinal tract and in the future they are planning to make it determine breathing and heart problems. http://www.medicaldesignbriefs.com/component/content/article/mdb/tech-briefs/23699 i think its grate to have something that can do so many things at once and does not need a doctor to do them, that its probably going to be more accurate if it records things from inside, normally a doctor would have to sit there and keep track of the vital signs or you would need a colonoscopy separate from the vital signs. they also said that when tested on pigs it was able to still measure things with food being digested. but I wonder, how does it measures vital signs from the intestine, and weather they are worth it. are they expensive to make will you always find them and get them back. what do you think about this device?

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Eating a little machine that takes pictures of my insides to determine if I'm healthy or not. What could go wrong?


In all honesty I don't think it would cost very much, maybe a few hundred dollars. I bet it feels better then a colonoscopy.

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