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There are many type of physics


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When people talk about "Physics" I dont think most people are really ever on the same page. There is physics related to stuff like motion, and movement of physical objects. Which can often be applied to engineering and mechanic degrees. While there is also nucluer and Astro physics. However I think when most people hear "Physics" they think of space. While physics often makes me think of the laws of motion.

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While physics often makes me think of the laws of motion.

This is okay, physics is the mathematical description of nature and a large part of that are laws of motion. Of course, there is much more than this...

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I have been taught this definition of physics


"Physics is the branch of science

which deals with the study of

matter and energy and their

mutual releationhip"


As in the case of motion, matter is in motion due to its internal energy. Motion also releates matter and energy. Nuclear reactions also involve matter and energy. So any thing that deals with matter and energy is physics.


We can say that everything is physics.

Chemical reactions in Chemistry and working of organs in biology involves matter and energy so they are somehow physics. Apart from this "Physics is the mother of all sciences".

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I was always told physics was the mathematical representation of the universe and things in it.

That is more-or-less how I would understand it. You then have the testing of these models against nature, which is where experimental physics comes in.

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