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  1. Can the bonds of atoms in materials break and reform when an energy is exposed to them? For instance you have a cup of liquid made up of iron atoms. If you hold a certain type of energy near it, it turns into a solid block of iron. When you pull hte power source away, it turns back into a liquid. I am also looking for websites to learn more.
  2. I thinking of thrust ideas and I wonder if in proportion to fuel usage amount and the power to size ratio it makes up whick will be the best?
  3. I was wondering if electromagnets could substitute gunpower. If you could have multiple with a charge on one spot, could a bullet be propelled forwards with the same effects. Possibly working like a tiny rail gun.
  4. I would say that mechanical engineering knowledge, physics knowledge, and aeronautical engineering knowledge would be needed.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew tipes of thrust unlike the usual version of shooting molecules. I have looked up the math and just to reach half the speed of light you have to use more energy than the world's yearly energy revenue.
  6. I agree with every one exept for the ziplock, the sunscreen, the sunglasses, and the window.
  7. I was always told physics was the mathematical representation of the universe and things in it.
  8. It is still theoretical, but it is thought to be a almost nonexistant energy mass from the big bangs energy wave.
  9. I was reading up on dark matter and it is just molecules of energy that made up space. I was wondering if anyone knew if matter could be transfered to dark matter and back.
  10. I know what it is and I was explaining that there are certain versions(differences) in plasma that change their temperature.
  11. All of that information is correct and I want to now hear what you know about the science of it.
  12. My idea was to keep its heat level high, but not high enough to melt tunstgen because that is what I would use to contain it.
  13. angushall19

    Warp talk.

    I want to hear oppinions and your idea of the science behind warp drive. Any idea about it that comes to mind can be disscused.
  14. There have been related real inventions based off this knowledge.
  15. It is possible that you can use spacetime as an almost artificial matter. You could probably even use the principles of warp by compressing space time to propell the spacecraft. This is real physics Nasa is working on and if spacetime is providing force there might be energy in it.
  16. I have heard the idea that you can cool plasma so much that you can contain it. I would figure out a way to contain these molecules and harness their heat power in concentration of the air particles around it.
  17. Tungsten would work the best. It is the metal with the highest melting point around 3400 celsius.
  18. I had an invention idea for thrust and I was wonering if signifigant heat would produce thrust through air friction.
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