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HIV and the Immune System

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I know that HIV is a virus that attacks the white blood cells making other bacterias able to capatalize. But isn't the job of white blood cells is to kill viruses and bacterias. Why doesn't the white blood cell just attack and kill the HIV virus?

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Well number one, immune systems are different from each other some immune systems can fight off HIV and others can't the problem is that HIV can't really be cured, but Doctors etc. can try their hardest to do so. That's my only opinion. It is really rare for anyone to survive HIV or AIDs do to sexual stuff... you know what im talking about. To break this down. HIV can be contracted only by male or female being sick or infected with something that you don't know about and never will until you catch it. HIV is common now days but HIV can become AIDs but you can only catch HIV if with direct contact with someone and your like giving out your semen. This is reall stuff so don't laugh because no one wants to die slowly for what they have done, thats why there are condoms and other protection stuff for both sexs. You can catch HIV through and fluid in a persons body that is acting as liquid such as spit. AIDs is really harmful and actually its above harmful, its like Legendarily Vicous. You can find out more about this at https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071201170350AAsmRcB. You are making me sick answering this question (No offense, it is pretty nasty to talk about this though, talk to your mom or dad or a friend about this). Hope this stuff answers your question. Now the white blood cell question is something I cant answer, but I am sure others can give you better info bout that question.

Nice topic though, never get one of these interesting topics now days. Most people don't care until it happens.

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a) viruses and bacteria are distinct entities. As such, HIV doesn't create bacteria when it enters a cell, it replicates HIV viruses.


b) HIV virus actually replicates within CD4, T cells, microglia and macrophages - which are types of white blood/immune cells, it uses these cells to replicate itself, then kills them by bursting them open to spread itself throughout the body. By killing immune cells, the virus depletes the body's immune systems and limits its ability to respond to the viral infection.


c) The immune system can actually recognize and kill HIV, and usually a person will get flu like symptoms immediately after an infection of HIV. However, the virus is able to "hide" from the immune system after this initial response. We don't 100% understand how it does this, but it is thought that it somehow prevents HLA binding - which allows immune cells to identify and kill infected cells.


d) So while the virus is able to escape detection, it's also killing off the body's immune system, making it harder for the body to find and kill viruses outside of cells.




Hope that helps a little.

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