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  1. My question is loaded? Don't look loaded. I think people don't get what belief is. If any of you do, then state what it is since you complain about my question.
  2. Acme, do you mind finding a teen site for astronomy. I am just kidding.
  3. There seems to be more violent talk here. What is about the RAGE??? I just want to know your belief not aggressiveness. I am LEARNING and I am definitely not an adult, so therefore I can't take all the aggressiveness like adults do. Man you people are angry, when I posted the topic.
  4. Well I just found a pot shape and some of the handle, but the handle is bent down alinging with the botom right star of the pot. and is 3 stars. I see a bright star within the pot. I still can't believe there is even a little dipper or a big dipper.
  5. Sorry, if I used the word believe. I am still learning you know.
  6. Hi I am 13 and am wondering if anyone believes in the big bang theory? My school believes in it but me not sure. I am neutral. If you believe in it can you please explain why? I am just interested inwhat theories everyone believes in? I am more curious about the people who don't believe in it. I just find this quiet interesting to talk about, and this is probably more debatble.
  7. Okay. Thanks for the help guys, I really needed the help. There is one more question. Do any of you believe in the Big Bang Theory? I am just neutral on that theory.
  8. StringJunky, do you mean lots like "a lot" or a lot of information?
  9. Hm... okay. Is it good for me to look at the sun with my telescope or do I really need a filter to filter out the heat? When I look at the moon I feel the heat coming through the telescope and it hurts my eyes a bit. I think this telescope is taking in too much of the light and energy and heat. Nice thanks StringJunky. I forgot to say why I want to find polaris so badly. I am actually trying to align my telescope to the north celestial pole but I don't understand the terrestial and celstial viewing and how it all works to find things in the sky. But I am trying to use polaris to locat the planets but I first have to use polaris to align my telescope to find the things I need to find anyway. Thanks StringJunky, I read the pdf and now I remeber in the first place why I needed to find polaris and the two dippers. Hm... that is really interesting. So what your saying is that the planets go around the sun but they don't stay in any constellation at all because they can't stop moving?
  10. Acme, can you name all the constellations that Earth and other planets are in? I use TheSkyX First Light Edition, its a star chart but not all that good, but is there better skay or star maps I can get that are more powerful and accurate? Today is friday so i have so many questions to aks here yet there are mean people here also, I must limit the questions I ask. It wouldn't be healthy to ask 25 questions in one topic is it? I will also be out back tonight to watch the awesome sky, and hope I can get a nice view of the moon again and possibly try finding polaris. I do have eye problems mainly in my right eye, so that could be why I can't see polaris, but I am not blind. I am like 99% not blind.
  11. Wow Arete your answer is better than mines. I though I was good in health.
  12. I am also looking for mercury, but it want shine in the night sky? it has to because of the sun light and even in the dark the sun is still shooting the light at the moon to light it up and reflect on Earth. I will also try to look for polaris again, but I think I should get some stronger eye pieces and filters for the telescope since the eye pieces are horrible, and yes, my telesope needs a filter for some reasons that can be dangerous especially in the day time just in case you guys were to ask why. Mercury I have been looking for since I am conducting an experiment. Then when I am done I probably should analize the experiment.
  13. Well number one, immune systems are different from each other some immune systems can fight off HIV and others can't the problem is that HIV can't really be cured, but Doctors etc. can try their hardest to do so. That's my only opinion. It is really rare for anyone to survive HIV or AIDs do to sexual stuff... you know what im talking about. To break this down. HIV can be contracted only by male or female being sick or infected with something that you don't know about and never will until you catch it. HIV is common now days but HIV can become AIDs but you can only catch HIV if with direct contact with someone and your like giving out your semen. This is reall stuff so don't laugh because no one wants to die slowly for what they have done, thats why there are condoms and other protection stuff for both sexs. You can catch HIV through and fluid in a persons body that is acting as liquid such as spit. AIDs is really harmful and actually its above harmful, its like Legendarily Vicous. You can find out more about this at https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071201170350AAsmRcB. You are making me sick answering this question (No offense, it is pretty nasty to talk about this though, talk to your mom or dad or a friend about this). Hope this stuff answers your question. Now the white blood cell question is something I cant answer, but I am sure others can give you better info bout that question. Nice topic though, never get one of these interesting topics now days. Most people don't care until it happens.
  14. Hmm... the second image of the little dipper is what I see in the sky except that the handle has three points and I can not track down the last point of the handle, as if the last point of the handle doesn't exist or maybe clouds covers the point every time. Polaris in Arizona is hard to find if I can't find it.
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