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Seeking Neurologic Advise re neuropatic pain

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I have searched the internet in an attempt to better understand what is going on with the left side of my neck and back.
During 2011, I had 2 surgical procedures performed on my cervical spine in an attempt to relieve pain caused by entrapped nerves at c5/6 and c4/5.

The first procedure involved discectomy at the above points, cages inserted, braced and fused. I was almost pain free for a while, then the pain returned. I had another ct scan done and although the radiologist and my gp could see no neural problems, I took the scan to the neurosurgeon whom performed the above procedure. Straight away he could see that the cage at c5/6 had collapsed slightly on the left so he agreed to perform a hemilaminectomy and take bone from around the nerve exit. That procedure has eliminated pain down my arm to my left thumb, however, the left side of my neck and the scapular muscles in my back are always at a pain score of 2 and that score increases with certain activity.


I am prescribed gabapentin 600mg; endep 50mg; Jurnista 32mg and panadol osteo [ a slow release paracetamol formulation for those in other countries where it may be known my another name]


As mentioned above, I would like some direction to a site or book that will help me better understand why the left side of my neck; my left shoulder and a particular point between my shoulder blade and thoracic spine continues to cause me a considerable amount of grief.

I understand that any advise given on internet forums can only be general in nature. I have spoken to the neurosurgeon about this continued pain and he has told me that nothing more can be done surgically Does anybody here have enough experience with the nervous system that might explain why I feel this pain all the time and can anyone explain where the nerves that cause the scapular area to spasm constantly. Before the neurosurgeon performed the second procedure, he used a guided injection of local anaesthetic with some steroid as a diagnostic tool. Whilst the local was working, I was pain free on that side, as soon as the anaesthetic wore off, the pain returned. He had no faith in the steroid providing any long term relief, it was all simply diagnostic so that he knew which nerve exit was to be operated on.

One explanation is that it is all referred pain from my neck, which sounds plausible yet why can they not operate and relieve the pain?
Another possible explanation could be that the problem lies in the thoracic spine and the nerves that exit there, is that possible?

Thank you,


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