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  1. I too struggled with this [original] concept of x^0=1 as my logic dictates to me that x multiplied by itself naught times would equal naught. i.e. x*0=0 x^1=x*x? x^2=2(x*x)? 4^1=4*4=16 4^2=2(4*4) = 32 4^0= 4*0=0 I know this is not correct, I simply don't know where the 1 comes from.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I erroneously wrote that plant 1 grew with signs of distress, I meant to say, no distress. I tend to agree that there would hardly be enough radiation in microwaved water to kill a plant, especially a geranium as such a plant could figuratively grow in a pot of crushed concrete and be watered with urine and still grow. I'd say the plants were grown as cuttings and the 3rd plant simply never developed a root system to support it's life.
  3. Before my aunt died of cancer, she performed an experiment with geraniums and water boiled using a jug and a microwave. A control plant was used also which was watered with tanked rain water. 1. Control watered with rain water from a poly tank grew with signs of distress. 2. Same water as above only boiled in a jug, allowed to cool then used to water plant 2 3. Same water as for control, only this time it was boiled in a microwave oven, used to water plant 3. Plant 1 and 2 grew normally, plant 3 showed signs of distress within 2 days and was dead by day 7. Conclusion: unable to draw a conclusion as the experiment has not been repeated, the death of plant 3 could have been for any number of reasons. If anyone is interested, please repeat the above experiment as I shall do, using a common plant that grows easily in your area. My aunt did it to see if microwaved water is toxic or 'dead' water. She was inspired to do the experiment following radiography for cancer on her liver.
  4. Although I fail to be able to reference the experiment, I recall reading of an experiment with vitamin c where vit c was injected in to the main blood supply of a tumour. Doses where near toxic, whatever the toxic dose of vit c is, and the tumour was destroyed. unfortunately I have only ever heard of this one experiment. Perhaps it was so successful that it threatened the billions of dollars drug companies make from chemo drugs or it was simply never repeated.
  5. My knowledge of this topic stems from experimentation with hydroponics, or at least a version of hydroponics. I successfully grew some plants in pots with soil as the growing medium, so for that part, the experiments were not 100% hydroponic as I used soil and watered them with water each morning and evening and weekly I feed them with a soluble fertilizer. For light, the 1st 2 times I did this over three months, I several everyday fluorescent light bulbs One along the top, over the three plant and one each side of each plant, 7 bulbs all up. I never let the plants sleep for 2 weeks after the first 'real' leaves appeared, in other words, I left the lights on for 24hrs a day. After 2 weeks, I alternated the lights on a 12/12 hr cycle, 12 on and 12 off. This caused the plants to flower. I let the flowering plants grow under 12/12 light conditions for 3 months and the result was good. In another experiment, I came into possession of a proper grow light. This light bulb was much brighter, 400w, and was as close to the suns normal ray as could be manufactured. Growth under this light bulb was amazingly fast. Unfortunately, I do not have the exact specs of that bulb but it 'outshun' the ordinary bulbs tenfold as far as growth goes.
  6. Thanks John, I did consider your suggestion, however, I thought that the process may be similar in some way to the bioavailability of morphine, for example, where at least half of the drug is destroyed during 1st pass. Anyway, I appreciate your response, obviously I need to read more about how the body absorbs different vitamins. Regards, Warren
  7. Hi, Apparently, the human body can only absorb about 65mg of vitamin c when taken orally, making mega dose (1000mg) tablets nothing more than a money spinner for drug companies. Vitamin C is an interesting vitamin to me and I am wondering if one were to inject via i.v. 1000mg of vitamin c, would more of it be absorbed and would it be dangerous to inject 1000+mg of vitamin c? [vitamin c is available as a non prescription injection for horses] Regards, Warren
  8. 1. Just wondering if the world, as we think we see it, actually exists or is it all just a sum total illusion created in our brains as a result of all the neuron; chemical messenger; synapse etc... in other words, the general working of a brain and what we are told and [most of us] learn throughout life? 2. Is it 'healthy' to think that everything is simply an illusion shared by the majority and created by the brains of that majority and to reduce reality to a sequence of neuron firing etc...? I have attempted to rephrase the above, yet, that's about as simple as I can put it.
  9. For some reason, the quote button does not work for me and that is probably due to my computer illiteracy rather than a problem with the site. Given that, in general, my post above is more than likely going to be interpreted as a bum wrap for psychiatry, it most certainly was not intended to do so. I intentionally wrote the post in that format to spark debate. Reading through history, there has long been a kind of unspoken war between physicians; psychiatrists and specialist surgeons. I must say that I would really like to know more about this science that has the power to predict, so much so, as I would like to specialise in that science and subsequently win the lotto 4 times a week. Science teaches us to 'presume' [predict] nothing and question everything. One may have a theory mapped out, however, only through testing the theory via experimentation, a theory proves nothing other than a philosophy. At the end of my last post, I did make a 'kind of' disclaimer in saying that there are many people existing in the world today whom are directly benefitting from the field of medicine 'labelled' psychiatry and are doing so via the method administered. Additionally, there are probably just as many, if not more, people existing in the world whom are quite unaware of the situation with 'Jon Does' down the road and his treatment by psychiatry. If Jon Does was not being treated, he may well go on an 'unpredictable' spree of firing bullets around the place at people he suspects to be those tormenting him and so on and so forth. I think that in any area of medicine, there is yet much to be discovered and that makes life exciting and that also may be why medical practitioner's have that label as they are always practicing medicine. I am yet to find a surgery etc... where the Dr is labelled Medical Perfectionist. [implicating that that Dr has perfected medicine and we can all put down our biro's and go to bed, nothing left to discover or practice in medicine] Human behaviour is fascinating. Thank you, Warren.
  10. If a question has no logic purpose, what logic causes people to read them and subsequently respond to them?
  11. Mythbusters experimented with this exact topic based on that movie and they proved the myth busted, in other words it wouldn't work and didn't work in their experiments. It may be possible mathematically but not practically.
  12. Some antipsychotic medications are administered at intervals up to a month apart as a depot injection with the drug usually suspended in oil, usually vegetable oil such as sesame seed. I am curious as to why other drugs that are administered orally and slowly release over 12 or 24 hours, such as morphine sulphate contin and hydromorphone in Jurnista , have not been developed into a depot injection or an implant similar to contraceptive implants. I kind of understand the implications with drugs such as the above not being available as an implant because some people would dig the implant out to access more of the drug or sell it. It has long evaded me as to why these drugs have not been made into a depot injection. It would totally eliminate diversion. At a guess, depot injections of strong opioids may be unstable and may come with a high risk of overdose. Perhaps this topic belongs in another area, I hope I have not violated any rules. Thank you.
  13. Is it possible that, in this modern world where we are surrounded by radio waves from mobile phones; radio and television and even microwave ovens from which some waves escape, the brain and thought process is influenced in any way?
  14. Hi, I have searched the internet in an attempt to better understand what is going on with the left side of my neck and back. During 2011, I had 2 surgical procedures performed on my cervical spine in an attempt to relieve pain caused by entrapped nerves at c5/6 and c4/5. The first procedure involved discectomy at the above points, cages inserted, braced and fused. I was almost pain free for a while, then the pain returned. I had another ct scan done and although the radiologist and my gp could see no neural problems, I took the scan to the neurosurgeon whom performed the above procedure. Straight away he could see that the cage at c5/6 had collapsed slightly on the left so he agreed to perform a hemilaminectomy and take bone from around the nerve exit. That procedure has eliminated pain down my arm to my left thumb, however, the left side of my neck and the scapular muscles in my back are always at a pain score of 2 and that score increases with certain activity. I am prescribed gabapentin 600mg; endep 50mg; Jurnista 32mg and panadol osteo [ a slow release paracetamol formulation for those in other countries where it may be known my another name] As mentioned above, I would like some direction to a site or book that will help me better understand why the left side of my neck; my left shoulder and a particular point between my shoulder blade and thoracic spine continues to cause me a considerable amount of grief. I understand that any advise given on internet forums can only be general in nature. I have spoken to the neurosurgeon about this continued pain and he has told me that nothing more can be done surgically Does anybody here have enough experience with the nervous system that might explain why I feel this pain all the time and can anyone explain where the nerves that cause the scapular area to spasm constantly. Before the neurosurgeon performed the second procedure, he used a guided injection of local anaesthetic with some steroid as a diagnostic tool. Whilst the local was working, I was pain free on that side, as soon as the anaesthetic wore off, the pain returned. He had no faith in the steroid providing any long term relief, it was all simply diagnostic so that he knew which nerve exit was to be operated on. One explanation is that it is all referred pain from my neck, which sounds plausible yet why can they not operate and relieve the pain? Another possible explanation could be that the problem lies in the thoracic spine and the nerves that exit there, is that possible? Thank you,
  15. At a guess, it's among the medical specialities for those whom don't like blood and those whom like to control people. Psychiatry is the governments best friend. I have noticed that, for the most part, psychiatry prescribes medicine that slows people down [antipsychotics, minor and major tranquilisers] Rarely do we see stimulants prescribed, except in children and some adults with add or adhd. They rarely test for a diagnosis except to monitor ones response to a drug, if that fails, they use another drug until one finally works. It has been reported that often, people respond equally as well, sometimes better, when prescribed a placebo. The best psychiatrists are neurologists as they have a better understanding of the workings of the brain and nervous system. Having said the above, many lives have been saved and changed by psychiatrists yet few if any have been cured.
  16. Psychology is far more than just therapy. As with the field of biology, biology being a word used to describe a broad range of specialist fields of biology such as marine biology, something a MD is hardly likely to have studied. Psychology is a word used to describe the study of human behaviour in a broad range of application, including cognitive thought process; making up psycho metric puzzles for application in a particular area; forensic psychology and the list goes on. In Australian Universities, psychology falls under the faculty of art. I'd have to research to ensure my accuracy, however, I am not sure of the complete list of academia under the faculty of art. I still stand by my original statement.
  17. I guess then that one is to ask ones self, "What is science?" , then if it fits the bill, it is a science. I stand by my statement that Psychology is an art. The examples used above are merely examples of the art of psychology in practice. Manipulation may well be a process used, hardly a science though. To say that psychology is not a science yet it does use scientific methods is a very simple statement, I fail to see what is not to be understood. When I set about researching this topic, I came across the term pure science and applied science. As with the MD not being a scientist, they have a broad understanding of biology but more specifically the anatomy and physiology of the human body. It is largely up to the individual as to wether or not one wants to call any specific area of study a science or not.
  18. Psychology is an art, it falls under the faculty of art. Scientific methods are employed in the art of psychology. To go a step further, I shall state that even psychiatry is a non science. Despite the fact that psychiatrists learn a lot about the function of the brain, I'd be very surprised if anyone could give me an example of a psychiatrist curing any of their patients using current psychiatric methods. Then we can look at the famous "Thud Experiment", one of two famous experiments that have debunked psychiatry. I have not heard of any new innovations in psychology or psychiatry. Yes, there have been many new drugs come onto the market, yet all the antipsychotic drugs still aim at and work in much the same way as the 1st antipsychotic. Psycho therapy has not really evolved very much either. It basically involves input from the patient and advice from the therapist[when speaking about therapy]. Psychology is an art and psychology uses scientific methods and standards in performing the art yet psychology is not a science in an of itself.
  19. overall, currently I believe that biofuels are our 'friends'. This belief is based upon sustainability; pollution; and cost. In a future time, long after most of us reading this forum have past, I believe that humans shall be gradually forced to live as they once lived in a time long past. All renewable energy; transport; buildings etc... require the use of minerals extracted from the earth, such as iron ore and coking coal to make steel. Once these building blocks of the earth have been exhausted, humans will be forced to live in more simple building made from the timbers or grasses that grow where they are living. Humans shall be forced to eat that which grows naturally where they live and so on. Everything that exists seems to be like a circle and cycles seem to be prominent throughout the Earth. Perhaps, very slowly and gradually, humanity will advance to a point where the Earth is nurtured by all, an abundance of food shall exist, we shall be able to take what we need and no more and everything shall cost nothing as the monetary system shall be long past and non existent. This all sounds very 'utopian' however I don't see a way that humanity can go on with the current way of living and thinking. The Earth is owned by no one. Even if one buys a piece of land, the reality is that that person will outlay some money, a piece of paper will say that that person owns that land and long after that person dies, the land remains, perhaps 'owned' by someone else. Land owners are, in fact, land renters. Anyway, this has gone off topic so I shall simply state that, for the time being, bio fuels are our friends yet they come at a price.
  20. I would put your statement more like what is about to follow: Those whom are ignorant are not aware of some issues in life and are not in a position to know this stuff and are very happy as a result. Now I shall mute that statement by using an example. In India's cast society, there exists people known as untouchables. These people are in the lowest cast and are forced to savage food from rubbish dumps. Most of these people are aware of the upper class and the problems they have, including having too much food left over after dinner so that goes in the bin etc... Most of the people living in the cast society in India believe that they are not permitted to rise above the cast level of society they are born into as that level of society as a result of karma from whatever bad things they did in a past life. A few of the people living at the bottom of the cast society live their lives happy as they believe that if they go through the suffering that accompanies life at the bottom of the cast system of society, and remain as pure as they can, they may be reborn into a higher cast of society in their next life. This example is probably not the best example to make my point. Another example is that a person living in western society, middle class worker, may be fully aware of the problems of having to pay too much tax because they made too much money for the year. All said, ignorance is still ignorance and bliss is still bliss. There are countless reasons for ignorance and equally countless ways one can arrive at a state of bliss. I think that being content with what you know and what you have will cause you to be in a state of bliss. If one is not content and coverts things, one will likely be unhappy and not feeling blissful. Some people remain very happy living a life of simplicity, having enough food; shelter and clothing and, perhaps, some herb superb growing and some dried so they can add it to their brownies, live a very happy life. [ herb is optional and not necessary for a blissful life].
  21. Free will does exist, otherwise this entire thread would not exist. Every person whom has posted in this thread has done so by choice. I do not understand how a series of quantum mechanical processes have 'caused' people to turn on their computer, open their browser, arrive at this web location and then post. As for energy not making choices, what causes energy to be transferred? For the most part, the energy that is within us chooses to do a series of things that causes energy to transfer. For example, some people make a choice to burn some coal to create either heat to heat water to steam to drive turbines that drive alternators that produce electricity or to create coke which is mixed with iron to make steel. All these things are choices and people, generally, make the easiest choice that enables them to meat their needs. Despite the science on climate change, the vast majority of the human race is living in an 'Iron Age' of burning fossil fuels such as coal and oil to create heat and steal. To choose one argument over another is another example of choice, although, often we choose the argument that we understand better rather than the one that seems senseless. To choose renewable energy over fossil fuels is wrought with illusion as [currently] there is no way of using solar, wind, thermal or fermented fuels without the aid of apparatus made of aluminium, glass or steel, all of which require fossil fuels to make or are made up of minerals et al. Additionally, the post about neuroscience being a non science is 100% wrong. Psychiatry on the other hand is mostly non science as there are few to none tests that can be performed, e.g. blood tests, to make a diagnosis of any psychiatric condition. Psychiatry is the enemy of free will as it sets about controlling humans using drugs. Ask any psychiatrist how many patients s/he has had and of those patients, how many have been cured of their condition using current psychiatric practice. I know of many psychiatrists whom work in their field attempting to undo the damage other psychiatrists have caused or the patient has caused themselves, i.e. substance dependence. Then we can take a look at "The Thud Experiment". [Google it]. One of two well known experiments that debunk psychiatry. Anyway, enough about psychiatry. For those whom have an eye for detail, I have made two spelling errors [English-Australia] in this post. I did so by choice and the spell cheque program has failed to correct them. Actually, now I have made three spelling errors by choice. Free will does exist, otherwise this debate would not exist. We all have the choice as to wether or not we read, take part or ignore this thread. Thank you, "Live Long and Prosper...Bazinga", Dr Sheldon Cooper. Regards, Warren <->
  22. Intelligence and happiness are not end points, there are varying degrees of both in any given situation. For the most part, I choose those activities that cause a feeling or emotional state of happiness. <-> Warren.
  23. I'll simply answer this by using a cliché. If we keep going in the same direction, we are likely to end up at the destination. In other word's, humans could halt the progress of human civilization if we continue to do things the way we have always done things in regard to world finance and so on and so forth. <-> Warren
  24. I stumbled upon this exact topic when someone said to me that ignorance is bliss. Although the topic [here] is relatively old, the topic and statement often arises. Let us look at a fact. A cow is not a monkey. That is a fact. IMHO the statement, "Ignorance is Bliss." , is wrong. The fact is that ignorance is ignorance. The fact is that bliss is bliss. To say that something is any other thing, other than what it is, hence the term, "It is what it is." , brings me to conclude that, beyond the facts, there is no more. I will disclaim that I have arrived at this conclusion through knowledge and not through the fact that a cow is not a monkey. To remain ignorant of the facts may cause bliss, however, this is relative to the situation. Just as with the term "happiness", there are many way's one can arrive at bliss, ignorance is just one of the many way's. Monks have for centuries discovered and rediscovered way's of achieving bliss. Bliss is a describing word that describes an emotional state brought about in many way's. Ignorance is not bliss. Bliss is not ignorance. Ignorance is ignorance and bliss is bliss. Now I am blissfully ignorant to any other reply or comment on the subject that may disprove the facts above and I shall remain so until the topic is bought to my attention in the future. <------------> Warren
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