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Know by doing, by experimenting, not by semantics and theory

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Most deplorable religionists use words to keep their flocks imprisoned within their framework of words and laws. They are semantics and linguists, that usually twist the hell out of sacred scriptures to supposedly verify their own power.


They have never experienced what they are taslking about or theorizing about. They are word gamers..... they watch but never do. They only have theories but no experience.


This is why Jesus and others have told them off in no uncertain terms.


Matthew 23:3

All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.



That's why he continually called them hypocrites. If any want to know the truth, they have to do it. They have to try and test His Words, on the field, via trial and error or success and verification.
  1. John 7:17
    If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.
Real spirituality or real religion whatever you label it, has to be lived out and experienced and then you know. Its not shallow head knowledge but a deep understanding that is tried and proven in real life.
Real scientists understand this, others are too afraid to experiment and try.

Religionists are especially good at labeling other theories about religion with names. They love to label people and from this labeling, have a basis for believing they are better than others. They are much like nationalistic patriots. A mere label or passport will be deemed sufficient proof of the individuals goodness or morality. Religionists for the most part want and need a religion to uplift their sagging self esteem, again much like a nationalistic patriot. They usually believe their religious theory of rightness and wrongness is what separates them from others and makes them righteous, they seldom go by how much love they have or how much they have shared with others. Religionists love to hate, and love to start wars and creat havoc in the name of their religion. To them it is all justified.


They hate it when someone like Jesus comes by and simply loves, without prejudice and without considering the gender, age, wealth, hierarchical position etc of the one who is treated as an equal. They hate equality, and love their supposed superiority. This applying also to those that may think they are intellectually smarter than others as well. Religions come in many forms.

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This is preaching, not an opening post for discussion. It can be assumed that anyone who disagrees with what you claim here will just get more of the same proselytizing.


Preaching is against the rules you agreed to when you joined. Please formulate thread openers to give an opportunity for productive discussion. This style is more suited to blogging. Thread closed.

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