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  1. Definitely agree that our choices are our morality. I am not allowed to give hyperlinks, or say the J word, but Yes the J person knows our H***** and our motivations and everything we do and what everyone does or conspires to do. No one gets away with anything, everything comes out in the OPEN in the End, everyone gets exactly what they deserve. Nothing is hidden, all truths are seen and able to be understood. Mysteries are solved and light conquers darkness. Religions usually give laws rather than the principles upon which to make moral decisions. This is why the J person, b lasted
  2. No people who can not take a general overall view and learn the principles involved and the characteristics involved lose. Individuals have to be discerned individually. Just as all scientists are not bought by corporations and governments, but most are. That's called logic and set theory, study MATH. It means the majority, study set theory because it is valuable, even though you can not apply it to every individual. As individuals each must give an account of themselves and what they have done, to the J person. Sorry I am not allowed to say who the J person is, otherwise the censors shall ban
  3. Scientists like religionists want to upgrade their low self esteem so they pretend they know more of the real world than normal real people. They form forums to push their agenda among themselves so they can sing to the choir that must obey their directions and respond accordingly. They must theorise and hypothesize everything so that nothing is known or be able to be proven So rather than silencing the voices of foolishness within, they censor anyone that doesn;t respond according to the prescribed format of all scientists taught and trained by the worldly system. They promote the 'lack o
  4. Yea, but strangely you and I and others and all are HERE, so He must have done a pretty good job, even though very unappreciated, as you mentioned, even to the point of some like yourself saying they could have done a better job. But thanks for admitting He did create the DESIGN as that is a given and easy to comprehend. Complain if you must, but surely it comes from ignorance rather than knowledge otherwise you would have been the Creator. Now back to the Design of the Designer, which so many hate, as it is easy to believe and study nothingness and the lack of design, but studying des
  5. Of course the rich conspire against the poor and normal people. Who said we can not talk about the truth of politics. And the truth about who hires scientists. This is suppose to be the POLITICAL FORUM and you say we have to believe ebverything the government says. Unbelieveable. I rest my case and my truth is confirmed. And therefore you must ban me instantly or lose face. Ender, study current events, Its all I can say. Study life and get real.
  6. I suggest you use your internet coinnection for at least a simple GOOGLE SEARCH to confirm all the frequencies I have posted, if not it seems you have nothing to add except a complaints, that show you can;t do simple research. Did you spend one or two seconds in researching before posting..... Do the math, and know the distances and measures, I didn;t make these the Lord did at Creation. Nevertheless be comforted that you shall not have to feel uncomfortable for much longer as the censors are about to strike.
  7. Away from your sex lives or lack of sex lives, and back to the 33 hertz frequency, that shoots up to your brain if ever a person achieves, lets call it bliss. OK so we have 111 hertz confirmation exactly from the Soilfeggio notes, and 111 brain wave frequencies, when going from left to right cortexes, and we have 111 resonant frequency in sacred stones and temples, and we have 33 hertz frequency in crystals and sex that relate exactly to 111 hertz, so go to an overall F sharp board and see all the other confirmations... http://www.davidjayjordan.com/EarthPyramidHumanResonanceChart.htm
  8. Prove it for yourself or believe everything that governments tell you. Your choice, your life. Stop looking for evidences and supposed excuses from others, Prove things for yourself. That is what personal responsibility is all about. Blame no one but yourself for your actuions or lack of actions. The governments of this world and their corporations are not benign. I know, most scientists would not want to admit this. So rationally and logicaslly say that I am wrong and that governments and corporations are loving caring institutions created for your beneift and happiness. Then pr
  9. I suggest reading and understanding prophecy, and then reading current events. But the principle remains, scientists are bought by corporations and governments not for the advancement of mankind but for the impoverhment of mankind for the benefit of the few. That's a given.
  10. You must connect the dots and rather than writing dischord write chord and harmony in how things relate to one another.. SEE and study http://www.davidjayjordan.com/EarthResonance33.html You,ve got a lot of studying to do... Again note that the Earth's Resonance of 7.83 is directly connected to the speed of light around the sacred demensions of the size of the Earth. Not by chance but by design OK you should have noted that 33 hertz is also involved, so ask yourself why.. Its the sexual frequency, the frequency recorded inside a quartz crystal, a quartz crystal being agai
  11. Medicines purpose is to make money before the death of the patient, This is what pharmaceutical corporations are all about. Do the research and find out who controls the FDA. Cures are not as beneficial as symptom killers. Keep the patient alive but in pain that they can relieve with their drugs. Study the health of our kids now and study what they are forced to eat, and study how oil companies are destroying the water and the land. Do the research, know current events. Know the absiolute destruction that the Japanese meltdown has caused and how nuclear energy is so destructive and unh
  12. Back to mathematics and the phi ratio of creation of our Solar System and even the pathway of sub-atomic particles, the spiral of life. Ha even the decahendron phi racheted DNA of our very being...our blueprint. Design is repeated over and over again in every field of science. Study the golden section, study how our image our bodies are not by chance and by evolutionary luck but because we ourselves are phi designed. Don;t believe it study it. Be open minded, because to truly understand phi power, you have to literally do the measurements of your own bopdy as well. For in doing so
  13. Yes, the circle of the Earth as stated by JOB, was rather advanced so he must have been communicated with. But Yes, the Designer made the shape of the Earth exactly as to its curvature, right within the Great Pyramid's sides.. Now did Enoch know, the exact size of the Earth, the standard rounded off figure in all sacred Geometry measurements throughout history and within all mystery schools, of 7920...... that's it the Creator of the Earth's distance or diameter told him. Do the study, do the research, take time out and realise the sides of the Great Pyramid are convex inward in the exact shap
  14. Sadly governments and corporations fund universities and the last thing they want is free thinkers..... and logical rational thinkers. They want scientists that will work for them to either give them more power or more money. Hence most graduates are bought by corporations to suit these not so honourable ends. Sadly the worst deployment for scientists is the horrible arms race where countries vie for better and better armaments to sell to others, to destroy others and impoverrish others ....... to make bankers even more powerful. Wars should not be the aim of science, but peace. Yet govern
  15. Lets make it simplier, and incorporate the basic phi ratio, the template of creation at the same time. The Vitruvian Man, or Naked Man within the Square was taught by the ancients because it is phi based..... PHI is another term for golden section. OK you've all seen the graphics of Leonardo DaVinci, and you should know that Enoch's Pyramid also called the Great Pyramid of Giza was phi designed. Right ? There's a reason why this is sooooo important. The Square is the square of the Earth 7920 The circle is square root of PHI larger, at 1.272 times Meaning the difference is
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