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Prolific Bacteria

Mike Fuller

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Here is a fact about Bacteria.


Did you know? That man shares this Earth with 3.3 times 10 To the power of 36 living creatures!!! 3.3 with 36 0's after it!!! Of which about 70% are bacteria!!! As quoted in the 1974 Guiness Book of World Records.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

All The Best!!!

Keep Truckin'

Cheers - Mike ( Fuller )

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Some conservative estimates place bacteria around 10E30 cells (based on soil estimates). Further, most larger organisms often carry a multitude of bacterial cells relative to their own with them (i.e. in a single human bacteria are about 10-20 times the number of cells found in a human!).

Taking this together I would estimate the rate of bacteria much higher than 70% of all organisms (especially assumin that archaea and bacteria are both meant by it).

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