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what are we made of?

derek w

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In the macroscopic world we are made of hydrogen carbon oxygen etc.

But in the microscopic world of sub atomic particles,matter and anti-matter can annihilate,producing electro-magnetic radiation.According to big bang theory we only exist because there was an excess of matter over anti-matter.If there had been an equal amount of matter and anti-matter the universe would not exist.


So what are we made of,(something that can both exist or not exist)?

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I think that cosmologists ponder that question a lot.

One area of interest is termed the Anthropic principle. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropic_principle#Anthropic_coincidences

I provided the link to the article's section covering Anthropic coincidences. The thrust of the argument is that if the physicial laws of the universe were different than they are, we would not exist to observe the universe and ask questions such as yours. But the physicial laws COULD be different, there could be an infinite number of universes in which the laws are slightly different, but conscious life doesn't exist in these alternate universes to ask these questions.

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At the LHC they break down atoms(star stuff) and produce quark/gluon plasma.

Are we made of signals propagating across a 4 dimensional carrier?

If those signals eventually equate to carbon and iron and other elements that can only be born from solar fusion and the resultant deaths of those stars, then sure, we can say those statements are equal.

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Take note, we are a result of a reaction, it doesn't necessarily mean we are made of radiation or something, something might have reacted or fused with something thus creating something at which will combine to another something and so on and so forth. This things may not have created us but they contributed to the creation of what we are made of. Even anti matter may have contributed to that.

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Stars billions of years ago forged carbon and stuff from just hydrogen, helium and small amounts of lithium.

These stars die and make cosmic dust and other things, eventually gravity pulls enough stuff into one place and makes a planet, if the parameters for life are met, that carbon and water (im not a biologist) becomes tiny cells then plants and then us.

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