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The sum of three times a number and 11 is 32. Find the number.

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It says 3 times a number, we denote the number as variable x, so we multiply 3 to x and get 3x.

The next set words says "and 11", note and means addition or add and the first words says "the sum".

Is equal to 32 so we equate it to 32.


here it goes 3x + 11 = 32,


thus 3x + 11 - 11 = 32 - 11


3x = 21, dividing both sides by 3 you get 7


Substitute it to original equation to check your answer:


3(7) + 11 = 32 ----> 21 + 11 =32 -----> 32 = 32, correct

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