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Is the universe collapsing.

derek w

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Do you know what Quantum Field Theory, QFT, is ? It accounts for your quark/gluon interactions and is known as Quantum Chromodynamics. Look it up.


Yes...the COLOR Force...between Quarks and Guons that make up Hadrons. Also I believe also it shows how the force between two Quarks does not weeken as they are drawn apart thus it is impossible to seperate them as it would take more energy than could be possibly generated therfore such Hadrons as Protons and Neutrons are bonded.


The Color are labeled as Red, Green and Blue and thus there are three Color Charges in Quantum Chromodynamics.


This is apposed to Quantum Electrodynamics...which has one charge.


Quantum Chromodynamics DOES NOT explain or provide a model to why Quarks blink in and out of our Universal Reality and exist numerically at will in such Hadrons at or between a minimum and maximum.


Split Infinity

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