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What Actually causes Attraction & Repulsion at the fundamental level ?

Mike Smith Cosmos

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My lay mans point of view 1s:

There is impossible attraction or repeal without the points of support

The particles and the fields must have ‘ backbones’ , any kind of’ kern’ around the center of their fields.

There are ‘they’ that support with own inertia, the actions.

The fields are the tentacles of squid.

The solid mater particles in the centers of fields, are the squids in the
center of their tentacles.

I suppose right that this remark is
worth in the speculation forum. Ha.

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Sorry Mike! It seems to me that my trivial post above had given moderators the right to degrade your very important thread. It happens when the questions are thorny.


regards Kramer.


I am still interested in understanding, quite what happens at the attraction, repulsion interface. To me it seems a fairly fundamental question. most things in science and life are often about " Attraction" and /or "repulsion " yet it all seems a bit vague quite what is going on? There is talk of photon interchange, but even that is a bit vague.

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