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My theory about time


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This is my first post on this and i am not a qualified scientist but i came up with this theory about how time works which pretty much says that time doesn't exist.

so here it goes...


basically what i am getting at is that 'time' does not exist and that our way of sensing 'time' is merely the speed at which things happen in our body so 'time' is replaced by speed.


i hope this made scene and I doubt this is 100% correct but it is an interesting theory in my opinion and please feel free to message me or reply about it :D


You are on your way of understanding the true definition of time... As for the rest of these post they have transitioned into an argument of sensory input and the storage and processing unit I call the brain. I will address this later in this post...



If I may redefine your statement, Time is replace with distance traveled between each passing moment.... Further refining, Time is the degree of change between two point in space... I believe you understand that everything is moving even when we think we are still. Thinking of time as degrees of change, Changes the equation...





Time = ((pi)2r/360)({-+}L) -+ ((pi)2r/360)D


pi2r = is the equation for circumference points observed based on altitude position of planet/object it resides upon.

L = is the total Longitudinal degrees to the shortest distance between the current (NOW) starting position to the destination, which never exceeds 180 because that is the defining characteristic for the next step..

{+} = L moves with the gravitation rotation up to 180 degrees Longitudinal from the starting position (if over 180 then repeat step for opposing sign)

{-} = L moves against the gravitation rotation up to 180 degrees Longitudinal from the starting position (if over 180 then repeat step for opposing sign)

+ = Future

- = Past

D = is our current understanding of time expressed in degrees (1 day = 360 Degrees)




Time is the degree of variation between NOW and a second point in space.


Space is 3D. Altitude, Longitude, Latitude and is restricted by position.


Time is the 2D representation of Space. Altitude, Longitude and is restricted by motion.


Both provide the exact same information but the deference lies in the visual representation... EXAMPLE: Pie graph vs line graph....




ADDITIONALLY, In the equation there are two forms of energy that may eventually use the same formula to explain energy... Force Energy is observer dependent and momentum energy is environmental constant.


The force energy of the two points can be combined to create an average but two momentum will require you solve for one and then convert to the other planet size...


Time = (Degree of Change)(Force Energy)+-(Degree of Change)(Momentum Energy)


Information is received from our senses and is stored by our brain. We can only interpret 3D in the moment if the information is radiated like a wave (Allowing multiple angles of the same point)and all other information is perceived 3D by past/future stored information in the brain.


While the equation may allow absolute calculation it is still based on relative reality/information/perception or misperception of the observer...



Now, Why this equation is not well known is because it removes light from the equation. It states that time equals distance and when plugged into E=MC^2 it turns into E=M. The argument I then hear next is Einstein was right and you are just furthering his argument... To which I reply he was working with limited understanding of restrictive properties and out dated equations.


We can argue about light and what we would see happen as we approach its speed but it would be pointless because that is not whats important what would we look like at the speed of light and then slightly faster?



If you disagree with the concept that is your choice but in order to change my perception you would have to disprove the equation... I have been looking for someone to justify or deny the validity of the equation... THANK YOU...

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LittleBoPeep, please familiarize yourself with the rules. Posting your own pet theory in someone else's discussion is thread hijacking and will not be tolerated. Duplicates have been or will be deleted. One will be split off for discussion. Keep it in that thread. http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/68329-absolute-time/

No need to respond to this, as it would only be more off-topic discussion.

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