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Post a pic of your ride in front of your house!!!


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Um I live in the south, that house was cheap, and I bought that car when I was 20, and had only 1 $500 credit card, just work the system...

(I pay 3.9% on that car... hehehehe) and put about 7k in mods into it...

Cant... leave... car... stock... must... go... faster...

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I would post my residence and vehicle, but secret underground lairs don't look like much from outside, and you'll all see the giant spider robots soon...*very* soon... BWHAHAHAHAHA!

...or the trailer with the 1982 F150 parked out front, whith your wifes undies on the clothes line and the rusty tranny tou use as a door stop.... :P


Did I mention you could only fit two of her underware on your 10' clothes line?

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the house you have got is gorgeous.

My old house was better, 5 bed room (whelll 6 but we turned two into one big ass one.) We bought a house, built and new one next to it. The two are worth about 1.2 mil together and we paid 700k total...

And every one had a bmw in the 'hood except for my neighbor, he lives in the old house(my brick one) and has a viper...

A viper sits where my car used too... The guy that owns it put a 100k addition in the house( my old one)


You can see my new house in the reflection... But I moved out to another big house in nc...


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how old are you? how can you afford all these?


Well' date=' i dislike BMW cars. although the viper one sounds interesting. what year is it?[/quote']

How can you hate BMW? Every other car I buy will be one, except the brand new ones are ugly as ****. I'm 22. Look at my pic... I look about 16... The viper; I don't know 2003? I would love to smoke it in the twisties... bet I could to...

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I'm I have two insurance Lic in NC. Took me months and hundreds of $$$ to get. I'm one step away from being a stock broker...


To get a gun... show ID and fill out 1 page of paper work.

Bada bing bada boom

To become an agent? Whelll that takes 2 months and 1000's of money.

Plus a two week trip to chitown... After three weeks of achooling a passing exam. in both and two hard ass state exams... that cost 100 each, pass or fail....

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I got hit by a 3 series a few years ago, smashed the windscreen with my head and broke a wiper, and then got up and walked away.


Skye: 1

BMW: 0


I also got hit by a little Suzuki 4WD in Bali, broke a piece off the bumper, then got up and walked away.


Cower in fear cars!

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