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Strong Force

Amr Morsi

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I am just asking what are the main property/style of the Strong Force? Can anyone advise?


See Quantum Chronodynamics by Greiner and Schafer. It is one of several volumes on advanced topics in modern physics. Altogether a rather nice set of volumes.

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What I can understand from any Quantum Portfolio that an equation is put upon a classical view [equation]. What is this classical view? Or, it is quantitative?


Classical physics is any physics before quantum physics. All classical physics can be though of as very precise approximations with quantum physics. With the strong force, there isn't a good physical or "classical" way we can put it, it just is what it is, and it acts very weird. Gluons don't seem to be exactly our normal "positive and negative" since they have 8 different charges, and extra-dimensional physics is often used to describe their behavior.

Another thing to keep in mind with particles this small is their "virtualness", or their tendency to use mathematical things like "i" to describe their physical location where they don't completely exist in the way we think as well as their wave nature which is responsible for much weirdness, which is what lead to some people extrapolating that there are 4 real dimensions and 4 imaginary dimensions. The gluons at the proximity they are at are also most likely entangled, like the quarks they bind.

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