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subshells - quantium theroy thing


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Sub shells are denoted as s, p, d, f as already mentioned. They correspond to the quantum number l - the angular momentum quantum number. s corresponds to l=0, p to l=1, d to l=2 and f to l=3. In general a sub shell has 2l-1 orbitals where ech orbital has 2 electrons.


2 imp points :-

1) any 2 electrons with same value of l have same orbital angular momentum

2) for atoms other than hydrogen energy of electron also depends on l

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also, in orbitals, one electron has a "spin" in one direction, and the other electron has a "spin" in the opposite direction


That's within each sublevel, given by the magnetic quantum number. As Pulkit noted, there are magnetic 2l-1 sublevels. Within each sublevel there are the spin up and spin down orientations.

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