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  1. umm, could you please show me some of the steps, its just that im confused on how to get started.
  2. Hey could someone please help me with this question? the length of 3 sides of a trapezoid is 3 cm, Find the length of the 4th side if the area is maximized.
  3. A light is at the top of a pole 20 m high. From a point on the ground 8m from the base of the pole a ball is thrown upwards with an inital velocity of 13 m/s. At what rate is the shadow of the ball moving along the ground 1 second later.
  4. Could someone help me with this question? The base of an isosceles triangle is 6 m. The other two sides are both increasing at 4m/s. Find the rate of increase of the area of the triangle when these sides are 5 m.
  5. Umm, do you mean X to the power of X? wouldnt you just make it y = x^x so if x = 0 then y = 0^0, x=1 then y = 1^1, then x =2 y = 2^2, if x = 3 then y = 3^3?
  6. Hey I have this question due for thursday and cant figure anything out, (btw no calculus knowledge is required) A) Express the number 25 as a product of two complex conjugates, a + bi and a - bi in two different ways with a and b both natural numbers. b) Find another perfect square that can be expressed as a product of two complex conjugates, a + bi and a - bi in two different ways, with a and b both natural numbers. c) describe the most efficient method for finding numbers that satisfy the above relationship.
  7. Wouldn't the HCl react with the water? HCl + H20 -> Cl something + H30 acid base conjugate base conjugate acid?? or am i compeletely off on this?
  8. I hope the world ends, I hate life. I hope its over soon.
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. I was reading several books on the topic of time and was wondering what are your thoughts on the question: "does time move" Do you think its just SciFi or fantasy or do you think this is an actual occurence. Also what is your thoughts on multiple universes.
  10. Hi, Can someone help me and explain why cells become less efficient as size increases. I know the SA:Volume decreases as it grows but what does that mean exactly.
  11. Mcmaster, U of T, or York are some of the top in Ontario, Btw, you didn't specify what city in ontario you live in.
  12. Hi, I was wondering when calculating the empirical formula from percent you will also have an element with no subscript. In other words in an empirical formula you can't have C3H8 right, it would have to be something like CH4. If anyone knows the answer can they please help me.
  13. Hi, I know that becuase of radioactive decay that Iodine-131 which has a half life of 8.04 days becomes Xenon. But when does it become stable and stop decaying?
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