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The religion of the ancient Egyptians


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Gentleman-farmer (PLEASE NOTE This subject is very complex and the proof lays in some evidence not commonly recognized - so in order to make this presentation as contiguous as possible would you all restrict your responses to questions and not google counter proposals - we can entertain those at the end of the thread - thank you


The short answer to what religion did the Egyptians follow? Is given by Champollion-Figeac

The Egyptian religion is a pure monotheism, which manifests itself externally as a symbolic polytheism."


On another thread Klaplunk asked Ju

st a question, what religion did the Egyptians follow? It may have been discussed in this thread already but I haven't got the time right now to check. Thanks in advance.


gf) I've studied that question for many years - my interest stemming from initial studies of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, where we'll find some of the answers. We'll find other parts in the Book of the Dead, and still others in the history of England and the Catholic Reformation


Key words will be :: the declaration of innocence, I have not, Jean Francois Champollion, his brother Champollion-Figeac who wrote a volume titled "Egypte," published in 1839, the Rosetta Stone, corbel ghouls, King Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn, Rome and the Catholic Church, Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury, God (Big g), gods (little g), monotheism and the dates, 2500 B.C, 1799, 1637, and 1821- 22




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