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Mother, baby attacked on Paris train after mistaken for Jews

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Crazy old Phi_for_All and his hallucinations.
I always hoped my mind would be the last to go. :embarass:
and i don't think she's crazy' date=' just someone who was trying really hard to become famous.. don't you all want to be stars on sunset boulevard?[/quote']What's the French word for people like that? Oh, yes, idiot. She sets herself up for interrogation by the authorities and then folds like a house of cards when questioned. I wondered about knife-wielding North-African Nazis who would "draw" swastikas on her after cutting her hair and clothing. I certainly hope she didn't injure her own baby.


To admire what she did will insure that more idiots gloire will be seeking our attention with manufactured stories of racial hatred.

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Sharon Urges Jews to Flee France

"They have to move immediately." / Le Premier ministre israélien a appelé dimanche les juifs de France à "immigrer" immédiatement en Israël




* The Jewish Agency has already chartered a plane that next week will bring 200 Jews from Paris, the agency's spokesman said. UPI


Los Angeles Times: "Sharon Urges Exodus of Jews From France"


BBC Report

Paris proteste contre l'appel de Sharon aux juifs de France

Le Premier ministre israélien, Ariel Sharon, a exhorté dimanche les juifs de France à immigrer en Israël "aussi vite que possible", pour fuir, a-t-il dit, un "des antisémitismes les plus sauvages".



Big News Network Report

ninemsn Report

XNA Report

Sydney Morning Report

Washington Times Report

Globe and Mail Report

PA Report

TSO Report

Teletext Report

Guardian Unlimited Report

Sky News Report



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