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Climate Change: Worse than we feared?

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Wow !!! that pic model looks like the air currant when doing a spin balance on my car tires for a true balance when on the road.


Can i use my car tire spin balancer as finding the direction of air currant as a science project ?.


When you spin balance the old way just put your hand next to your tire and feel the direction of air that the friction on tire causes.:eek:

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If global warming and Glasiers gone with raising ocean water. Most ocean water for millions of years have evaporated into space.


Scientists say when ocean water raises that San Joaquine valley will be under water and our farms will be no more.


A mile thick of the Glasier that covered the USA is gone but where ? Maybe like mars evaporated back to its universe as h20.


No, a global flood from global warming will never happen again.

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