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how can this happen?

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if relative speed of light is constant for all reference frames-

suppose there are two light sources one moving with a speed of light itself. now light emitted from them fall on a shooter simultaneously & gets reflected to a stationary observer now since the velocity of light was c wrt the person moving with the speed of light it must be 2c wrt the stationary 1. if not the stationary observer can calculate the vel of light as 0 for the source moves with velocity c itself.

again if the vel is 2c for him he can observe the same event the shooter firing twice. for one of the lights travel faster. i cant understand. can light really be emitted then? if not what's stopping it? pls explain.

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A light source (or anything except light itself) cannot be moving at C. And nothing is ever 2C. Light moves at C relative to you no matter how fast you are moving relative to anything else. I don't really follow your question, but is it still a problem if the source is moving at less than C?

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ya. is there harm supposing what a light would observe?

actually infinite no of times a person is allowed to see the event, just dont understand then y dont we really do????????????

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ok lets forget about the reference frame moves at vel c.let it move with some uless than c. still there is the problem.

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