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Seasonal Spider Migration


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Ever find Billowy Spider webs travel high in the wind ?.


The fall time is the right time to see them webs wraped on Hellicopter rotors and parking lot lamp posts and your radio antenna.

A true story on evolution in the spiders nature.


My daughter and I went shopping to K-Mart one evening in the fall.


We parked our car and my dauther noticed webbing on every lamp post.


Then I had a thought in my brain and my answer was that when they migrate on long billowy webs that three days after we will get our first heavy rain.


Well we did get our down pour two days after a dry summer.


Also I told her that in nature when they raise up thier abdomen purched high on a post when some high winds get kicked up then they sail on the winds.


Also that when they migrate twards a storm, nature has a way to keep the spiders from ( Inbreeding ) to keep thier bloodline strong.


But then its an Italian wives tail as old as human history.:D:eek:

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