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Anyone see this article yet?


Synthesis of Anthropomorphic Molecules: The NanoPutians


Stephanie H. Chanteau and James M. Tour


Described here are the synthetic details en route to an array of 2-nm-tall anthropomorphic molecules in monomeric, dimeric, and polymeric form. These anthropomorphic figures are called, as a class, NanoPutians. Using tools of chemical synthesis, the ultimate in designed miniaturization can be attained while preparing the most widely recognized structures: those that resemble humans.

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I gave a presentation on this article once as a required literature presentation. It surprised my superiors because at the start it seemed a lot like it was frivolous and uneccessary, but the fact is that the purpose of the study was twofold:


1) to prove that pretty much any molecular shape can be achieved with skilled synthesis

2) to popularise chemistry and organic chemistry particularly.


the study was very successful. I was very impressed with the hat-changing syntheses with microwaves


I wouldnt call this art. I would call it a publicity stunt and a very well executed one

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