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I hope this question isn't to general but i feel like learning something new,

so... I'm wondering what anyone can tell me about matrices/Matrixs?


My teacher only spent one lesson on them and didn't really elaborate on anything...

first i'm wondering if matrices and matrixs are the same thing??


Basicly i know what they look like, i can add two together and i've learned how to times them together also.


So what else is there? What can we use them for?


Remembering that i'm 15, i'm in the highest classes but if if it is something that shouldn't really be attempted for a while i'll understand, but any information would be greatly appreciated...




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Matrices are really quite useful, but probably not in most of the things you're doing at the moment. Essentially, they are representations of linear maps under a particular basis, and multiplication of matrices corresponds to the composition of two linear maps (that's why it's such a funny operation).


Anyway. The only thing I really wanted to say is that you shouldn't use the word 'matrixs' - the plural of matrix is matrices :)

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Matrices fill textbooks of information, there is allot to discover about them. They have become very powerful especially with the advent of computers. You can see them used in places such as how Google databases sites and how they link together, they are also used by engineers to solve systems of equations or used with calculus. If you are interested a book could be suggested to you that you could check out from the public or a University library that you could work through and then when you have a question or want to just talk about linear algebra I am such many of us would enjoy the talk.


You may also enjoy this link as Professor Strang at MIT had his 1999 linear algebra lectures records and they are free to view and download just click videos or scroll down: http://web.mit.edu/18.06/www/

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As Dave says, the most common use of matrices are to represent linear operators on vector spaces. Apart from using them to represent noncommutative algebras I have only ever realy used them in the context of linear operators.

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