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Does humanity need one more higher civilization ?

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Guys , I have lost my hope about progressiving of human civilization . I may be pessimistic . Please tell me more some optimistic or more pessimistic ideas . Here is my thought .


Well ... This is confusing for a bit or a byte !


Mass of people are playing video games .

Mass of people are watching movies .

Mass of poor people of destiny by are working for unfair long hours and hard livings .

Mass! and ass of rich people are enjoying with fake tranquilizer lives .

Mass of ambitious people are fighting , killing , being killed by weapon and oil .

Japan makes mass of robots stealing humans' job .

New freaky and exotic gods are borning . God Torrent&God Cyber&God Nintendo&God FanBoy Destroyer&Goddess Kallen&Goddess LOL-I....

Not yet a biohuman form or manmachina form or computer form of Neo-Einstein show up .


Economic structure level of developed countries are going berserk .

Mother Earth now hates us and Kratos .

There is nowhere to escape or hide .


There is not yet a revolutionary development,invention,discovering,solution in high and mighty science .


People are still using vehicles with wheels .


See , no one is working,studying,searching to raise human civilization . Bad news , we are already dead !


Too bad that machines who gain conscious will not destroy human civilization , because we haven't yet made a true machine who can ask to itself 'who am I ?'


Some dear people may get me wrong or I may tell in a wrong way what I am thinking .


I'm not saying this : This world is like hell . Wars , crimes , hunger , exploitation , pollution , illnesses are spreading rapidly . No one do any more a good thing to change this world .


I'm saying this : Human is a magnificent creature . He makes his own existence and creates civilizations .


Humans have made great developments until this day . Radio , TV , Cars , Machines , Treatments , Cures... I am now used to hear any new developments about these former inventions and I am not surprising any more .


I'm not surprising when I hear a new powerful computer like PlayStation 3 or a faster and safer car like Bugatti Veyron or a new Gene Mapping system . Because all of these developments and inventions are working with the same logic pattern that other computers,cars,gene mappings have . There is no a big magnificable thing about them to carry human civilization to more advanced level .


- PS3 sucks...

- computer with opticalmagnetic processor (less energy , less time lost , cheaper computer , faster processing)


- Bugatti Veyron sucks...

- anti-gravity magnetic field vehicles (for less traffic accidents , no more oil fuel but electric energy)


- Gene Mapping sucks...

- commandable genes to produce stem cells of every tissue and cancer cells and freeze-aging cells


-Oil sucks...

-Unharmful water and hydrogen energy producing methods...


- Quantum Theory

- Theory Of Relativity


Scientists haven't yet understand these theories and haven't yet turned them into reality . I will be fascinated when these theories are proven in the reality .


- Scientific lessons and experiences and books in university/college sucks...

- holographic 3D designed experiences+practical and theoritical lessons , anatomy lessons , hologram items and equipments for studying...


Imagine that I am watching a movie where people invent cars , computers , robots and discover cures for illnesses , nanotechnology and genetics manipulations , weapons , new energy sources...What I am now watching is human civilization . Name of this movie is HUMAN CIVILIZATION ...


and then what the hell happened now ? I am watching scenes of wars , conflicts , mass killing weapon developments , global warmings , crimes , poverties , idiotic religionuous clamours and so on , in the same movie .


Is this scenes from current human civilization ? I'm still watching it . I am losing hope for watching a better movie scenes . Wait a minute ! I saw a human manifestation that being called as internet and now this thing (internet) is at background . It is spreading and connecting to all current and next scenes in the background layer . I feel like I am watching stereogram scenes and photos . I am seeing wars , killings , poverty... frontly and at the same time I can see internet in background layer . It is growing and growing but it still can not break front layer and erase those bad and hopeless scenes I am watching . These bad scenes are still streaming and I am seeing customization science developments other than progressive science developments from time to time .


Mercedes-Benz 300 SL makes 162 mph speed . Bugatti Veyron makes 254 mph speed .


Bugatti Veyron is a customization science development over of Mercedes-Benz 300 SL . It is faster but it works with the same engine&energy logic .


Toyota FCHV-5 works with hydrogen fuel cell hybrid pattern . This vehicle is a half-progressive science development .


A futuristic vehicle with working magnetic field resonance command pattern is a progressive science development .


This movie is turning into hell and that is still in negativity condition . Nothing positive things are happening yet .


and I am asking to myself : 'Will human walk and progress to higher civilization ?' 'Wait a minute ! Do humanity need one more higher civilization or is this enough to live ?'


I was watching an awesome human civilization movie and suddenly it was cutted . I want to see more higher awesome glorious magnificent civilization movie humanity made . I want to be fascinated .


You know . I am not watching a Hollywood movie .

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If we're already dead then I guess we have nothing to worry about. :)


Yes, you are Hollywoodizing life. Concern is a good thing, panic not so much. You're ignoring a lot of success and prosperity and focusing on a relatively small set of problems that is (not always, but more often than ever before) growing smaller. More people have been uplifted from poverty to the middle class in China in the past ten years than exist in the entire United States of America, a fact which might seem unique and unrepeatable if it wasn't for the fact that the exact same thing happened in India. More attention is focused on problem areas and hot spots than ever before, and if we screw some of them up from time to time (like Iraq), people are inflamed to a passion never seen before -- good luck repeating THAT mistake. (But yes, repeats are possible, so as I said, concern is a good thing.)


Also, a larger, more prosperous society is one that can afford to waste more time. This is not a new thing, it's a pattern that has been repeated for at least ten thousand years, all the way back to the first time a cave-man family discovered flint and realized it could afford to keep feeding its unproductive elders. Enhancing personal freedoms has simply accelerated the pace.

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It is easy to be optimistic. You just need to look at other data.


There are four disasters that occur often - detailed traditionally as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death, Famine, War and Pestilence.


Death is always with us. The death rate is most democratic - 100% for each of us. However, life is on the increase. 200 years ago, the average life span in the western world was under 21 years. Today, in the THIRD world, it is 55. In developed nations it is 80 years plus or minus 5 years. Human life span continues to increase, giving each of us more life than at any other time in history.


Famine is decreasing. We only have to go back a few decades to a time when famine would kill 10 million people in one country in one season. India and Pakistan were disaster areas. Today, famine in those countries does not exist. Poverty does, but that is another story. In today's world, if a famine takes 500,000 people, that is excessive. It is still a tragedy, and we need to do better, but famine has dropped massively.


War. The worst war in history was WWII with 55 million deaths. The death rate from war has been dropping ever since. It is still too much, with a million dead in Iraq, indirectly killed by the war there. However, in no decade for the past 100 years has the death toll from war been as low as now.


Pestilence means plague or disease pandemic. Currently, the only such plague is AIDS. The traditional causes of disease death are diminishing. Smallpox is gone. Malaria kills about a million per year - down from 10 million. TB kills fewer by far than 100 years ago. Infectious ills have dropped massively. While it is true that AIDS will kill 50 million plus people over the next 20 years, that is still only 2.5 million per year - a massive drop from the traditional death rate due to infectious disease. In fact, infectious disease as primary killer has given way as killer to diseases of old age. That should tell you something!


Rejoice in the advances of the last 100 years! We live longer. We eat better. We are healthier. Fewer die in wars. And we now have sources of intellectual stimulation as never before. True, some people choose to vegetate before the idiot box watching soap operas. However, they have the choice to access the enormous wealth of knowledge and improve their understanding of the universe. Never before has mankind had this opportunity!

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Also, keep in mind that a lot of the technologies you see "current progress" as inferior to (optical CPUs/levitating cars) are a lot harder to develop in real life than science fiction would have us believe. You can't fault progress simply because the idea you have of how "it should be" doesn't match the pragmatic real life difficulties in developing such technologies.


Also, humanity has been pretty violent and destructive since the dawn of civilization - we did wipe out all other hominids "back in the day" after all, and emerged from an exceptionally violent natural world.

If anything, its surprising we've advanced this much socially, and with every generation people are being born into a yet more connected world that fundamentally impacts the formation of their world view.


Being born in 1976, the most impressive memories I have are the photos and videos of the Earth from space, which had a huge impact on the formation of my personality. My parents' generation only had man made maps, and a very abstract "idea" about how small the world is.

Today, kids "go out and play" with friends all over the world online, and the idea of all these other cultures is not nearly as "abstract" for them as it was for me - who knows the impact of this a generation from now.


Another positive sign: look at how life was during the Cold War - and how close we came to an all out exchange of nuclear arsenals. While nuclear weapons still have a degree of threat - its nothing compared to that era.



We still have a long way to go for sure, and have a number of very serious challenges, but its not like the world has become stagnant. Its just progress isn't as fast as we'd like, but that is also natural - and one of the reasons we keep pushing ahead. Discontent seems to be an evolutionary trait to keep us always adapting and trying new things, which in the end doesn't so much denote that things are now "bad" but that with effort they can be that much better.

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It is easy to be optimistic. You just need to look at other data.


Exactly! Sure there are a lot of terrible things going on in the world. But there are good things too! It seems like the bad overpowers the good, but remember...What kind of news sells best? Good or bad? We are hearing mainly about the negative things...and these even tend to be exaggerated. But look at all the advancements, the good causes etc...There is good out there. You can't chase away the bad, but you can always, always increase the good :D

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Do we need one more higher civilization? I'd be pretty happy if we could manage one higher civilization in the first place.


I'm not very optimistic. I have many reasons for that, but it's likely best summed up by looking at events since my birth.


I was born in 1964. We were still trying to make things better...call it the JFK hangover or a testament to what you Americans call the New Deal.


At any rate, the world seemed to be getting better for a while. The development of dwarf wheat and the resulting green revolution did address starvation for a while. We quit killing each other in such large numbers. We invented antbiotics and Led Zeppelin.


We quit killing each other in such large numbers because we became too good at it though. We can't have a big war anymore, because there is no chance that we can keep it "over there" where ever we think there might be. As Joe Walsh said, "If they drop the Big One, we'll all live in holes."


Don't think all those dirty little wars that replaced the big ones are a whole better, either. Going all the way back to the first 9-11, Chilean torturers began inserting live rats into the vaginas of young women, then sewing their vaginas closed. The rumour is that they learned the technique from the CIA. The School of the Americas was born.


The green revolution was great. It brought us multi-national "agricultural" corporations and their wares though. We might have reduced hunger in India, but now they've got farmers offing themselves by drinking agricultural chemicals.


In my lifetime we've gone from the hope of being able to make things better for everybody to the cynicism of making ourselves rich at the expense of others. Our dream has gone from Hunter Thompson's vision of paving the streets of Aspen with grass, gobbling peyote, and renaming the place Fat City to selling smack in the schoolyard for a fast buck.


We've become a bunch of cheap hustlers in plastic shoes, where all that matters is the bottom line and crushing a person's skull under your heel is okay as long as you make a profit.


Make no mistake, this is a dark and brutal ride we're on. It doesn't end in a happy, shining place.

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adaptive social revolutions take time and, I believe, an equal access to a means of coercive threat. More on this when I'm not exhausted? perhaps.

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The funny thing about Thompson is he'd take it all back in exchange for still being alive. Hell, he'd go on a 30-state speaking tour on the evils of drug use, hypocritical bastard that he was. The world didn't do him in while on a "brutal ride" to an unhappy place. He did it to himself.


And the world is going on just fine without him.

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I had a laugh at your vagina torture. Sew a live rat into a womans vagina?? Wow. I think there is a bit of straaange sexual fiction there. For a start, it would die almost immediately, from asphyxiation. The only torture really would be those stitches in her sensitive tissue. For that, I feel really sorry for the poor lass.


I understand your focus on farming. I was raised on a dairy farm, and I am really focussed on the situation farmers find themselves in. Fortunately, here in NZ, some 25 years ago the government decided to stop pampering those bloody rich farmers. All subsidies were stopped. All support was stopped. All special favours were eliminated. Result? A lot of the old farmers went bust. Their farms were bought by those who managed to be more efficient. And now the farms are on average four times the size, and ten times as profitable. Farming has become the biggest money spinner of our entire economy by virtue of the cut throat politics of natural selection.

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Result? A lot of the old farmers went bust. Their farms were bought by those who managed to be more efficient. And now the farms are on average four times the size, and ten times as profitable. Farming has become the biggest money spinner of our entire economy by virtue of the cut throat politics of natural selection.

Besides for the cultural loss, how is having more productive and efficient farming a bad thing, exactly?

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