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  1. Thanks guys , I have read your messages . now I have the hope of life .
  2. Guys , I have lost my hope about progressiving of human civilization . I may be pessimistic . Please tell me more some optimistic or more pessimistic ideas . Here is my thought . Well ... This is confusing for a bit or a byte ! Mass of people are playing video games . Mass of people are watching movies . Mass of poor people of destiny by are working for unfair long hours and hard livings . Mass! and ass of rich people are enjoying with fake tranquilizer lives . Mass of ambitious people are fighting , killing , being killed by weapon and oil . Japan makes mass of robots stealing humans' job . New freaky and exotic gods are borning . God Torrent&God Cyber&God Nintendo&God FanBoy Destroyer&Goddess Kallen&Goddess LOL-I.... Not yet a biohuman form or manmachina form or computer form of Neo-Einstein show up . Economic structure level of developed countries are going berserk . Mother Earth now hates us and Kratos . There is nowhere to escape or hide . There is not yet a revolutionary development,invention,discovering,solution in high and mighty science . People are still using vehicles with wheels . See , no one is working,studying,searching to raise human civilization . Bad news , we are already dead ! Too bad that machines who gain conscious will not destroy human civilization , because we haven't yet made a true machine who can ask to itself 'who am I ?' Some dear people may get me wrong or I may tell in a wrong way what I am thinking . I'm not saying this : This world is like hell . Wars , crimes , hunger , exploitation , pollution , illnesses are spreading rapidly . No one do any more a good thing to change this world . I'm saying this : Human is a magnificent creature . He makes his own existence and creates civilizations . Humans have made great developments until this day . Radio , TV , Cars , Machines , Treatments , Cures... I am now used to hear any new developments about these former inventions and I am not surprising any more . I'm not surprising when I hear a new powerful computer like PlayStation 3 or a faster and safer car like Bugatti Veyron or a new Gene Mapping system . Because all of these developments and inventions are working with the same logic pattern that other computers,cars,gene mappings have . There is no a big magnificable thing about them to carry human civilization to more advanced level . - PS3 sucks... - computer with opticalmagnetic processor (less energy , less time lost , cheaper computer , faster processing) - Bugatti Veyron sucks... - anti-gravity magnetic field vehicles (for less traffic accidents , no more oil fuel but electric energy) - Gene Mapping sucks... - commandable genes to produce stem cells of every tissue and cancer cells and freeze-aging cells -Oil sucks... -Unharmful water and hydrogen energy producing methods... - Quantum Theory - Theory Of Relativity Scientists haven't yet understand these theories and haven't yet turned them into reality . I will be fascinated when these theories are proven in the reality . - Scientific lessons and experiences and books in university/college sucks... - holographic 3D designed experiences+practical and theoritical lessons , anatomy lessons , hologram items and equipments for studying... Imagine that I am watching a movie where people invent cars , computers , robots and discover cures for illnesses , nanotechnology and genetics manipulations , weapons , new energy sources...What I am now watching is human civilization . Name of this movie is HUMAN CIVILIZATION ... and then what the hell happened now ? I am watching scenes of wars , conflicts , mass killing weapon developments , global warmings , crimes , poverties , idiotic religionuous clamours and so on , in the same movie . Is this scenes from current human civilization ? I'm still watching it . I am losing hope for watching a better movie scenes . Wait a minute ! I saw a human manifestation that being called as internet and now this thing (internet) is at background . It is spreading and connecting to all current and next scenes in the background layer . I feel like I am watching stereogram scenes and photos . I am seeing wars , killings , poverty... frontly and at the same time I can see internet in background layer . It is growing and growing but it still can not break front layer and erase those bad and hopeless scenes I am watching . These bad scenes are still streaming and I am seeing customization science developments other than progressive science developments from time to time . Mercedes-Benz 300 SL makes 162 mph speed . Bugatti Veyron makes 254 mph speed . Bugatti Veyron is a customization science development over of Mercedes-Benz 300 SL . It is faster but it works with the same engine&energy logic . Toyota FCHV-5 works with hydrogen fuel cell hybrid pattern . This vehicle is a half-progressive science development . A futuristic vehicle with working magnetic field resonance command pattern is a progressive science development . This movie is turning into hell and that is still in negativity condition . Nothing positive things are happening yet . and I am asking to myself : 'Will human walk and progress to higher civilization ?' 'Wait a minute ! Do humanity need one more higher civilization or is this enough to live ?' I was watching an awesome human civilization movie and suddenly it was cutted . I want to see more higher awesome glorious magnificent civilization movie humanity made . I want to be fascinated . You know . I am not watching a Hollywood movie .
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