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A little missunderstanding

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I am a chemistry lover, recently found this forum, but when I tell people that I want to go and study biochemistry next year they look at me like I'm some kinda loser.They think that everyone who goes there automatically becomes a teacher.I live in Romania so maybe it's true that many would become teachers.

Do I have to have connection in order to get at a research job or is this just a scare devised so I wind up in front of a PC all day, writing C++ programs?(I study at an informatics high-school)

They must really hate chemistry :confused:

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If you go to university and study biochemistry then it's a safe bet that, while you are there, you will make the sorts of connections that could lead to a research career. Of course, you still need to be good at the subject and you still need to work hard.

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I wasn't aware that high schools specialize to such a degree. Informatics high-school!! I think it's a horrible idea. I can't imagine that they actually want 13/14 year olds to make up their mind about their future profession at such a young age, and so little experience.


But that being said their opinion on other subjects is definatley going to be biased. And no most people who do biochem don't become teachers. All most all however do some minor teaching along the way however. I started my masters a year ago and I already teach part of a course, I even have a student working under me. However almost all of what I do is research.

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