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Please Help Mee Asap!!!!


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to investigate the percentage of purity of iron i iron tablets what else would i have to do apart from titration and colorimtery?


Also, how could i investigate effectiveness of sunscreen aginast UV?


Lastly, how could i briefly investigate the conc of caffeine in diff coffee brands?


I am desparate for help and would rly appreciate it asap!



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The first two I'd do using optical effects...


The first by doing some magnetrometry... And some clever maths, and the second by just doing a transmission spectrum through the sample using a lightsource + detector that can do UV.


But neither method are chemical methods so....

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I'd not bother with magnetometry. I'd dissolve the tablets in dilute acid, oxidise with H2O2 to get it all into Fe(III) then measure it colourimetrically. If I wanted to be classical about it I'd not oxidise the extract, I'd send it through a Jones reductor and then titrate the eluant with KMnO4

I have a feeling that you would need to do some sort of purification of the coffee extract before you could do a UV determination on the caffeine. I'd bet on chromatography.

Not sure about the sunscreen- some sort of absorbtivity measurement.

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