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The Universe- sans START, sans END...

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Okay! Everyone says, rather is convinced that Universe started with a BIG BANG


Well, now the question is from where did the matter, which was dispersed by the bang, came from?


If it was really a fresh start, from where the anti-particles and particles originate?



Isnt it possible that there lay an old universe- which provided the matter for Big Bang?


Also, as we are familiar with the origin of Black holes- which get powerful and powerful as they absorb or attract the matter around them, Can a black hole be really the starting fuel for our NEW UNIVERSE?



We know that as blackholes form- they start pulling everything...

So why tu put down the possibility that after billions of years there would be a black hole so powerful- that it would attract the "expanding universe"


And then the process of convergence of universe will start and it will again be changed into a very-very heavy blackhole in which again due to high heat and forces there would be a Big Bang,


I hope- the one Bigger than this BIG BANG!


Anyone who challanges my theory??:) :-) :)

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Black holes don't "start pulling everything" when they form. Gravity is present from the mass of the matter that ends up as a Black hole, ever since the matter was created in the first place.


According to current measurements the Universe is expanding with an accelerating rate, if the total mass of the Universe can't stop it today, it seems unlikely that it will tomorrow...



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Thats what i am asking!


You got it right that gravitation is due to the mass, but where this mass came from, and wont this mass attract the expanding universe when it gets considerably big? with big gravitational pull??

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... Can a black hole be really the starting fuel for our NEW UNIVERSE?



This idea was the subject of a book



The book was published first in 1997 by Oxford University Press

and has been reprinted in other editions since then, including paperback.


The idea also appeared in technical journal articles around 1994, but they are harder to read.



A black hole will not necessarily grow until it pulls the whole universe in! But you don't have to worry about that.

There is a process called inflation which may conceivably have occurred in our universe and manufactured matter---it appears to violate the conservation rule.

(There is no global energy conservation law in the curved spacetime context of General Relativity.)


It isn't clear that a black hole needs to pull a whole region of the universe into itself in order to have enough matter to make a new region.


If inflation really occurs then a normal size black hole formed from the collapse of a star could conceivably cause a new expanding region of spacetime to branch off, with plenty of matter for new stars and galaxies arising from inflation.


The book I mentioned is about this conjectured branching process by which spacetime regions REPRODUCE, and possible observable effects which might result from this.



The main idea of the book is a testable hypothesis called CNS conjecture. This conjecture was attacked in 2006 by the famous cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin (a close associate of Hawking). He tried to disprove it, but appears to have failed.


Technical article about this:



The CNS conjecture can be empirically falsified by astronomical observation. Smolin explains why it would be killed if anyone observed a neutron star of more than 1.7 solar mass. Astronomers are always discovering more and more neutron stars and measuring their masses but so far they have not found one that reliably exceeds the CNS predicted limit of 1.7 times the mass of the sun. There has been a possible candidate but the measurement was sufficiently uncertain that, by itself, it cannot be taken to disprove CNS.


The CNS conjecture was first proposed around 1994 and it has withstood empirical testing and various people's attempts to refute it for some time. One cannot say that it has been confirmed but at least it has not been shot down yet.


So your idea is in good company. You are not the only person considering that possibility.

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You got it right that gravitation is due to the mass, but where this mass came from, and wont this mass attract the expanding universe when it gets considerably big? with big gravitational pull??

Where the mass/energy came from in the first place is still unsolved...

(It might have been from a previous crunch.)


But when Universe expands, it's distances that increases not mass.

(Gravity strength decreases with the square of distance.)


The "big pull" is already there, but Universe still expands and is even able to speed up the expansion.

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Actually I don't think we have a clear picture at all to the the mechanics and the interations that black holes have with matter.


I have two theories to black holes, lets think about a black hole in terms of a computer program.


This dimension is almost programed like to present it self in a three dimensional world Which obay or use a few of thefollwing roles or code, which are time and gravity and all the others.


Well I think a black hole is our reality or dimension which has collapsed or either its actually another reality which formed under the extreme conditions of a supernova. Either our reality is stoping it from overlapping or growing in to ours or possibly it formed a gateway/worm hole connecting the two realities/dimensions.


But there is another possiblity which I thinks is a really good one. A black whole is a section of space or another dimension overlapping ours but unlike ours it lacks the fundemental rules or code. Which means that time or gravity doesn't exist or theres a massive variation in these forces, also with that is possible a black hole for instance could be a four dimensional object or another dimensional object in our universe, which quite possibly follows the rules and laws of that come with that dimension and thats why we are unable to see them. To relate to not being able to see another dimensional object check out a fasinating website




I think there could be another possibilty that universes all start some how when a white hole forms. The white feeds our universe with its matter possibly dark matter which follows the laws of that Universe, and our feed other universes through a black hole in ours to a white whole in another universe.


I sometimes think people get ahead of them selves and exspect everything to be related to the norm, we've got to relise we only in a tiny section of our solar system, we don't no if the variable and condition change through out the universe. Also we could possibly only have just began our journey into a much complexed reality than we thought, all the better.

Please reply with you comments, even if it is abuse or critasism, I'm happy to hear it.

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I can only really imagine such in the context of conservation laws. Now I know people make things appear in labs, but in context of space or how such naturally occur, such as a QGP is beyond me in regards to if its been found or not, such as in the core of some star for instance. I mean for a second to attempt to parse out the entire linear elaboration of chemical reactions that have occurred since the big bang alone, now that would be something, or even since the formation of our planet, that’s another. I still just don’t see how something came from nothing which leads me to think conservation laws are somewhat infinite and its a big bang/big crunch or the inverse of such that’s leads to it all or some high energy or maybe even low energy transmutations or what not, then again maybe its all matter, even on the smallest of levels, yes I think I know close to nothing about it:eek: :D

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If anyone figures out how the universe started then they will have completed the game which will leave nothing else to do except pack up and go home.


I hope the answer is never found.


Only if they work out how everythng evolved too!


But I second Sev's comments, we need predictions before it can be challenged.

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