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Philosophy of -I-

There is only one identity in the universe.


-I- what you are born with, an identity. What makes the living think or feel to themselves, I feel that, I want that, I am here, this is me?

Darwin's theory of evolution rightly says we have a common, unbroken line back to a single ancestor. (one of the pond slime)

We are all the 4.5 billion year old, (from then), children of this simple life. At some point this simple life divided its body into two living organisms, starting the process of evolution.


From looking in every conceivable place I have found nobody has addressed what happened to -I- at the time of division. Simply put, if -I- am cut in two, a left side and a right, where am -I-? Which is the real me? Am -I- in both?

Does continued division for 4.5 billion years dilute -I- being in every being?


There is only one identity in the universe, evolution takes many paths, a beings genes determine its form, and from birth we develop individual personalities on those forms.

Sagan shows how the molecules came together (positive and negative charges to form a bubble) to make that first life, but making the molecule from the atoms (I speculate) is simply the same -I- evolving from its pure form, the electrons in atoms. -I- is in every atom, and there is only one -I- in the universe.


Why bring this theory to a quantum thread?

Lets look at the double slit experiment. At the quantum level an atom's electron acts like waves until measured, then it changes and acts like a particle. Wave-particle duality.


(Agian this is what I speculate)

-I- cannot be in two places at once (particles)

-I- is in only in one place, but everywhere in separate bodies (waves)

If you, and you are also -I-, attempt to measure -I- it will act as a particle, when before it was acting as a wave.

Please explain where this is wrong; it can't be this obvious, can it?

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"There is only one identity in the universe.


-I- what you are born with, an identity"

If there's only one identity then it doesn't make sense to talk of "an identity" because it implies another identity.

Also, I don't see how you can say there's only one identity; mine is different from my neighbour's.

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The I never splits. The universe splits into two dimensions, but both dimensions are in the same place, and appear to the I to be one. Only the I appears to be two separate beings.

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