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  1. Do you know the federal reserve is a private bank. We don't know who owns this private bank. The true masters. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_vLTSWpQcY What would you do to protect your ability to create money out of thin air? First rule of war - know thy enemy -the cartel
  2. -I-

    IMU Theory

    Materialism Mind IS the same as the brain, but is there a watcher? I can only believe that all cognitive thought comes from one and only one source, the neurons firing in the brain. But energy, the power of life, a material substance that is actually there, and not some spiritual idea, is what is firing those neurons. Neurons are electrically excitable cells that communicate through synaptic transmission in the brain using pure unevolved electric energy to power this process. Materially, there is only electrical energy and the meat and grissle of the brain, that which has been built from genes from the past parent/parents organism/s. origin of life, is the study of how life on Earth might have emerged from non-life sometime around 4.4 billion years ago, when liquid water first flowed on the Earth, There are many models, theories and hypothesis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origin_of_life#Origin_of_organic_molecules Classically, chemical reactions encompass changes that strictly involve the motion of electrons in the forming and breaking of chemical bonds, The cell is the structural and functional unit of all known living organisms, Neurons are cells that are adapted to carrying the electrical signals called action potentials that are the basic building blocks of information transmission in the brain. However original life developed it did form into cells, a receptor process is that by which a cell converts one kind of signal or stimulus into another, reading the enivroment, sensing reality. If you could imagine you were this living reproducing cell, and you had to evolve for maybe hundreds or even thousands of years before sensing any reality, it stands to reason that you are life’s watcher, because you had to be what was there, the energy and not just the evolved cell receptor sensing your reality. If I compare this receptor to a human brain, you are still the unevolved energy, the watcher, that senses reality with a very advanced receptor, your brain. The energy itself is not conscious it is unevolved, pure, it is just electrical energy, but in a highly evolved human brain, it is you, the watcher of human cognitive thought, consciousness. i.e. You HAVE a conscious and You ARE a conscious I think it stands to reason you HAVE a conscious, but you also ARE a conscious. I have been very carefull not to say anything about us all being the same consciousness up to now, but if the watcher is just pure electrical energy isn’t there only one type, isn’t energy just a single thing? One Watcher, that is energy, giving what I would call SELF to all consciousness. You are energy in the quantum state. Self is in a quantum state, you are only your conscious (particle), but you are everybodies conscious (wave), you are every Self Every new birth is the energy, has Self, is you. IMU Theory Electrons SELF is the energy from electrons. Wave particle duality mumbo gumbo, there is only the wave, you are not JUST you, you are everbody and everthing. SELF does not have to only be consciousness, but consciousness has to only be SELF. SELF can be a chemical reaction, SELF can be atoms, SELF can be everything, SELF can be consciousness. There are untold amounts of electrons, hence the ability to be individual, but they all produce the same energy, hence no individuals.
  3. -I-

    IMU Theory

    It's a guess as to what conscious is. yes I am only speculating to a wider audience.
  4. -I-

    IMU Theory

    IMU THEORY EXPLAINED Wikipedia, Property dualism asserts that when matter is organized in the appropriate way (i.e. in the way that living human bodies are organized), mental properties emerge. -I- Consciousness is obviously very important to us but I believe it just emerged because of natural selection. There is no other reason or meaning that needs to be attached. …………………………………………………………………………………………… Wikipedia, Neutral monism, in philosophy, is the metaphysical view that existence consists of one kind (hence monism) of primal substance, which in itself is neither mental nor physical, but is capable of mental and physical aspects or attributes. -I- I have assumed that everything is made of just energy, and that that energy creates all matter, eventually creating you & me both physically and mentally. Energy may take many different forms but it seems to me there is only one type of energy. E=MC2 energy =equals= mass xtimesx the speed of light squared2. Energy is mass in motion? Wikipedia, Energy comes in many different forms, such as kinetic, potential, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear, and mass energy. Energy may be transformed from one form to another, but it is never created or destroyed. -I-?????????????????help Am I reading this wrong when I decipher , energy can be converted into mass and motion, that everything is this one fundamental energy and it, at one time, created or converted into all the matter that is in the universe today? What I am asking is energy and matter just different forms of the same thing? …………………………………………………………………………………………….. -I- So if I could assume that the above is true, or may at least be possible, so as to continue, then I will hazard continuied hypothising. IF- If there is just one fundamental type of energy, then I believe that when life appeared that life itself (as in organisms) was now living energy. Life (living energy) now being present in a reproductive organism also came from the same energy as did all organisms whether reproducing or not. The difference being that reproduction evolved this life energy gradually until natural selection gave rise to consciousness.( i.e the living energy became consciousness ) SUMING IT UP Reproduction in living organisms embodies the living energy allowing it to slowly evolve into consciousness by natural selection. The living energy is the same in all organisms. i.e your consciousness is the same in all organisms. WHY I POSTED THIS IN QUANTUM PHYSICS Wikipedia, Consciousness causes collapse, also known as the 'spiritual interpretation', is the claim that observation by a conscious observer is responsible for the wavefunction collapse in quantum mechanics. It is an attempt to solve the Wigner's friend paradox by asserting that collapse occurs at the first "conscious" observer. Supporters assert this is not a revival of substance dualism, since (in a ramification of this view) consciousness and objects are entangled and cannot be considered separate. Opponents assert that it is unfalsifiable, and also does not simplify our physical understanding of the universe, and is therefore scientifically uninteresting. It has been claimed that the theory meshes well with ancient Eastern mysticism and philosophy, including that of Hinduism, Taoism, and Buddhism which includes a belief in the transitory, interconnected nature of all things and the illusion of separation of thought and existence. -I- As I said in the beginning- Consciousness is obviously very important to us but I believe it just emerged because of natural selection. There is no other reason or meaning that needs to be attached. I don’t believe IMU Theory is at all a spirtual interpertation, it is not intentionaly aligned with any party. The fundamental energy does not have consciousness except as the living energy in organism that are produced such as, you or I, or pehaps some alien race. So I think this explains how conscious can be responsible for the wavefunction collapse without any sign of mysticism. Uks boster. Foodchain Is that the shape of a fish one? Swanson So there is a quantum state, but although limited, its best described in a mathamatical-statical sense?
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    IMU Theory

    Well the scientific viewpoint (which I believe to be correct but incomplete) is consciousness is neurons firing in the brain. Didn't I say that? Science cannot say this for sure (religious and various other viewpoints) so it is a theory, right? IMU Theory is the answer to quantum wierdness. Life is a system, consciousness exists in the same quantum state. Quantum entanglement is a term used to describe how two particles interact. Once two particles interact, they become a system. It is as if a long string is attached between them that can never break. They exist as one although they are two. It's as if they now sit on the same teeter-totter seesaw. No matter how long the seesaw is, even if it is one million miles long, you push one end down and the other end goes up instantly. This is not due to one particle sending a message to the other particle saying, "I'm going down, therefore, you must go up" and waiting for the particle to receive the message, but the particles are always connected and do not have to send signals to each other, they always react to each other at the same time because they are part of the same system called "the same quantum state". Retrieved from "http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement"
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    IMU Theory

    This is also about quantum mechanics. Severian Very often people come to these fora with a belief that our current theories of physics, such as the Standard Model or relativity, are flawed and present some alternative of their own. On the whole, this is a fine attitude to take - we should always be skeptical, and it is good if people can think a little 'out of the box' and generate ideas which more standard thinkers may not have come up with. I have always thought that genius was not an ability to think 'better' than everyone else - it is an ability to think differently from everyone else. However, when coming up with a new theory it is important that it should be better than the old one. Therefore the first step of coming up with a new theory is a sufficient understanding of the old one. You have to make sure that your new theory does everything at least as well as the old theory, otherwise the old theory remains more attractive. This is very difficult mainly because our current theories are so spectacularly good in their predictions. This is my new theory, it is certainly different from anything else in the box. What is the old theory here? The commonly accepted theory from science is consciousness is simply the neurons firing in our brains. Well I don’t disagree with the old theory, I just think there’s more to the story. The old theory would say that an organism’s consciousness comes into being at birth, again I don’t disagree I just think there’s more to the story. IMU Theory Individual Mutual Unification Theory By R.A.Russell When our original ancestor replicated and split in two, it would have, (considering the presence of life), now been present in both the original and the replicated. The one presence of life that existed in the original is now separated and existing in two membranes. (Think of the moment before separation of a bacterium, just before the two life bubbles close off, almost two bodies but with a single life presence, then two bodies but with that one life presence?) The replicated (being born) would start anew and be unaware that it has the same life presence and be free to go off as an individual. The separated individuals can branch of to become many new incredible transformations over billions of years, and some we know, became human. We as humans still have a presence of life, the question is, is that presence now what we experience as consciousness. Was the original organism's presence of life the precursor of consciousness, that which was separated into those membranes. Is presence and consciousness? One in the same? If you ask me how I class myself as being here, what makes me feel present, and feel alive, I would have to say consciousness. I think it may be possible to realize our other consciousness's but only if it was that way naturally. I am not going to pretend I know about quantum mechanics but I have learnt a tiny bit, and would simply like to show how this knowledge fits with my theory. If I am my own consciousness and I am all consciousness’s then this is like, the particle is an individual and the wave is the commonality. The organism is made up of inanimate chemicals so I would have to assume that an Inorganic Potential Presence of Life exists also is in those chemicals. If the IPPL is in those chemicals I would also assume that they are in all matter, hence the particle – wave conundrum. Hence why consciousness is part of the quantum equation. There would have been trillions of very simple non-reproductive organisms floating around in the primordial soup for millions of years, still the process of reproduction in an organism, was due even back then, to natural selection, it is without doubt the most important event ever to happen to us as far as humanity is concerned. If IPPL is in all matter then all matter would also have to of had a common beginning. Time means nothing to the inorganic, so the universe could have been expanding and contracting forever from an infinitely small point, or speaking organically, living and dying from a singularity. I look forward to any comments.
  7. This may not actually be traveling in time but it may be technically, The theory is you are able to pop into another's body/mind instantly because you were already there, its not a matter of taking control of another person, but rather being that person through a realization. So to time travel which slows down the faster we move away, somebody on a ship may be in the past, technically.
  8. Determinism= purpose Is this life like a replay-already determined, where the end can't be changed? Sounds like a decision made by a brain, and a creul one at that. What sounds more feasible is time and matter were made without a conscious decision making process, (or what brain, from where, come on ?) yes it just happened. Just as the presence of life in organisms just happened. It's Nature. There are no replays. I wish I good get this message through to my kids before they start driving. Looks like you can use logic on the problem Phi, possibility vs feasiblity has served me find so far.
  9. THE DEVICE NOT ALL SCI-FI R.Russell One body/mind, one identity in control, learning new things does not change the physical makeup of a mind, neither does watching a movie. If we naturally were each other then we should be able to find a way to realize each other consciously. When our original ancestor replicated and split in two, it would have, (considering the presence of life), now been present in both the original and the replicated. The one presence of life that existed in the original is now separated and existing in two membranes. (Think of the moment before seperation of a bacterium, just before the two life bubbles close off, almost two bodies but with a single life presence, then two bodies with two lives, or two bodies with one life presence?) The replicated would start anew and always be unaware(because they are seperate) that it has the same life presence of the original and be free to go off as an individual. The separated individuals can branch of to become many new incredible life transformations over billions of years, and some, we know, became human. We as humans still have a presence of life, the question is, is that presence now what we experience as consciousness. Was the original organism's presence of life the precursor of consciousness, that which was the same presence in those membranes. Q1. Is life presence the same in all organisms, just unaware because of physical seperation? Q2. Is life presence the precursor of consciousness? If you ask me how I class myself as being here, what makes me feel present, and feel alive, I would have to say it's consciousness. As Someguy correctly pointed out you would not be able to control your body in two minds, so I imagine it would not be a matter of control. Anyway the point is there is only one consciousness that can be in control, it lives all lifes, organisms are just unaware of this. I think it may be possible to realize but not control, our other identities but only if it was this way naturally. Not getting of topic- interstellar travel has the implication that many generations may have to live and die during the journey to a destination, this realisation may make it no big deal if it's just a matter of inner mind. Sci-Fi I would go on the journey body/mind, and you and I may be able to wear a device that would allow us to realize you have always been present in me, and I in you, simultaneously.(maybe there would be something to set up before I left with those I wish to realise and they could pass that connection on, or maybe theres a HUB and and I can realise everybody connected) We would still only be each other I would imagine but would realize, but no be, our other identities. Soooo when I touch my balls it could really be you doing it. Or you could let the blind see.
  10. THE DEVICE Cat/sci-fi R.Russell Your not popping in and meeting someone else, this is an awaking, you are them, you always were, you were just unaware of the fact, there is only one person in the body you pop into, you, you meet yourself living another life. You are every life, your just unaware of it. Someguy Yes your right, you could not have two identities in an awake body but maybe you could if you were both asleep and just remembering what you did today as somebody else. Or any other day. (No secrets, I know what you did last summer) Fred and Bill are both asleep wearing the device, Fred doesn't become Bill or Bill Fred, but they remember each others whole life as though they were each other. If you put on the device you would have to go to sleep before you could move through the memories of anyone else, as long as they also were wearing the device. Maybe the device could be like a phone, you ring specific people and the devices send the same signal in wards toward the mind, not outwardly through space and time. Therefore distance between devices means nothing. The world would change in a very short time as these experiences would expand our minds exponentially, they would be sort by all, not shy ed away from as one may think, (you have short comings and realize it's not worth dwelling on what you have done as you or anyone, but now what you can do.) So Fred signs up with a group for an interstellar journey that will take three generations, he has nothing to fear, He knows he is everybody and can, anytime while wearing the device, call up his Self - a friend - and remember their day as if they were each other. You could speak or even think a message during the day while your awake as if your speaking to your friend and that night while asleep you ring them with the device, and if they are wearing their device, they remember your message instantly across any distance. Either we sort out a way to stay in contact across vast distances Or we shrink the universe like my testes shrink when I hop in cold water.
  11. Pseudoscience and speculations THE DEVICE- R.Russell-cat/sci-fi We learn that the greatest power is the mind, then one day we somehow enhance our ability>>>>>>>> by say>>>>>>, I don't know, use a materialistic monistic electronicaly enhanced awareness device that gives awareness of each other so that we can think as each other. So we all can do it and you can advertise time on E Bay "where you can jion me on holidays in my body while your bodies sleeping". If you wear the device thousnads of people can just pop in on you every day. You can immeadiatly pop into any brain if you and them are wearing the device and your sleeping, no exceptions. You will know when you hear truth. You can Induce sleep, By setting the device to L/M/H asleep/awake. Not so great? there's more. I can travel to other galaxies and you can join me in my body when I get there. Hey lets send people everywhere and those on the ships heading out, they can be others while asleep, and vise-wersa when they get there.>note you can't stop being you at any time, your body would have to sleep as normal while your out, but you could party in other bodies while you sleep, going 24/7 if you wanted. (if you were woke by noisy vistors poping in, you would be awake and back in your body)( you have to wear the device while asleep, to be out, and anybody can pop in.) Death> When your body/mind is gone so are you, you are still only just you mind and body. But you know you can be everybody to, because you can pop in. ___________________________You are everybody when your not you. __ Either the universe is able to realise itself through our lives ________________________________Or_______________________________ The universe is my left testy and you all crawl around on it.
  12. -I-


    Philosophy of -I- There is only one identity in the universe. -I- what you are born with, an identity. What makes the living think or feel to themselves, I feel that, I want that, I am here, this is me? Darwin's theory of evolution rightly says we have a common, unbroken line back to a single ancestor. (one of the pond slime) We are all the 4.5 billion year old, (from then), children of this simple life. At some point this simple life divided its body into two living organisms, starting the process of evolution. From looking in every conceivable place I have found nobody has addressed what happened to -I- at the time of division. Simply put, if -I- am cut in two, a left side and a right, where am -I-? Which is the real me? Am -I- in both? Does continued division for 4.5 billion years dilute -I- being in every being? There is only one identity in the universe, evolution takes many paths, a beings genes determine its form, and from birth we develop individual personalities on those forms. Sagan shows how the molecules came together (positive and negative charges to form a bubble) to make that first life, but making the molecule from the atoms (I speculate) is simply the same -I- evolving from its pure form, the electrons in atoms. -I- is in every atom, and there is only one -I- in the universe. Why bring this theory to a quantum thread? Lets look at the double slit experiment. At the quantum level an atom's electron acts like waves until measured, then it changes and acts like a particle. Wave-particle duality. (Agian this is what I speculate) -I- cannot be in two places at once (particles) -I- is in only in one place, but everywhere in separate bodies (waves) If you, and you are also -I-, attempt to measure -I- it will act as a particle, when before it was acting as a wave. Please explain where this is wrong; it can't be this obvious, can it?
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