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Help me...Meat plus acid...

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I'm not sure if this is chemistry; it's an odd question but I think that fact that fats do not dissolve very well in acids might help.

I think chicken is usually less fatty than beef; I'm a lot less sure about "fish" because there are so many types. At least some fish are known as "fatty fish" when talking about omega-3 fatty acids so I guess they are more fatty than chicken. I also think the fats will get in the way of the acid.

If all that is correct and there isn't some other confounding factor I have missed out then the chicken should dissolve fastest.

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Hmmm I am doing the second experiment now, and the first experiment's results were (starting mass was 1 gram)


Chicken: 0.4 grams

Fish: 0.5 Grams

Beef: 0.6 grams


Yes, it does follow what your hypothesis was.

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