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chemical equilibrium

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I am doing a chem pre lab and i need to calculate the equilibrium concentrations. I know how to do this but i need help balancing the equation.


The reactants are H2O2 and Na2S2O3 (both aqueous) and i believe they go to NaO and H2SO4 ???? Are those the right products.


Could someone help me please!!!!

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NaO doesn't exist- it would need the Na to be in a 2+ oxidation state. (Na2O2 does exist, but that's another matter)

Na2O exists, but it reacts with water to form 2 molecules of NaOH.

NaOH reacts with H2SO4.

To be honest, I'm not sure what the sulphur containing product(s) of oxidising thiosulphate with peroxide are. Did you do this reaction directly? It's just that people usually use iodide/ iodine for this sort of reaction.

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