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  1. Hey! I am doing an experiment of electrolysis with initially a copper strip attached to the negative terminal of a battery. A strip of aluminium is then attached to the positive terminal and both electrodes are placed in a copper sulfate solution. My observations are only that oxygen gas is formed on the aluminium electrode while in the solution, but no real reaction occurs. When i switch the copper strip to the positive terminal and the aluminium strip to the negative terminal I see that copper has been deposited on the aluminium. What are the reactions for these two options????
  2. lol it is a very easy question... possibly inserted to make everyone feel smart... i know it makes me feel smart:)
  3. andie


    actually for this titration i need to know the volumes of the sodium acetate and acetic acid that will make a pH of 5.0 and 4.70. I know that sodium acetate is 1.0 M and acetic acid is 1.0M with a volume of 15.0 mL ... Therefore how would you calculate the volume of sodium acetate needed when you have the volume of acetic acid?
  4. there is this program called Rasmol... not sure if it will help... here is a link to my professor's website with a link to download it.. its under Rasmol program http://www.chemistry.lakeheadu.ca/mackinnon/1110/Chap22.html
  5. andie


    is any one going to help????
  6. andie


    Hey! I am doing a titration and I need to find out what the pH is. I need to combine sodium acetate and acetic acid together. What are the products of this reaction... is it water and what else????
  7. andie


    Hey! I was wondering what are a couple of buffer systems in our everyday life besides our blood????
  8. Hey! I am doing a chem pre lab and i need to calculate the equilibrium concentrations. I know how to do this but i need help balancing the equation. The reactants are H2O2 and Na2S2O3 (both aqueous) and i believe they go to NaO and H2SO4 ???? Are those the right products. Could someone help me please!!!!
  9. is some one going to help me ????
  10. andie

    Parallel Plates

    force = mass that acceleration therefore it would be the mass of an electron multiplied by gravity and the distance is given Is that about right ????
  11. if an electron was released from rest from the negative plate, what is its speed right before it strikes the positive plate? How to solve it ? Does anyone know a formula to solve it ?
  12. wouldnt it be the other way around as in if it loses 2 electrons it would be +2 thats how i was taught
  13. andie

    Parallel Plates

    I was doing an experiment with some parallel plates and was wondering how much work is done by the uniform electric field by moving an electron from the negative plate to the positive plate of two parallel plates. How would you solve this???
  14. for #14 you can take the cosine and sine of 45degrees and then solve for x and y . Very simple once again what level of study is this if you dont mind me asking... im guessing highschool???
  15. #13 is just using c^2 = a^2 + b^2 and solving for x and y ! Very simple!
  16. andie

    freezing point

    lol very interesting now i feel smart for understanding something new! Thank you for the insight!
  17. Hey! My biology teacher told my class that Disney World will not be around in 50 years because of global warming. I was wondering if she is right or not. I mean it is kinda crazy about the global warming and all because it is really cold in Northern Ontario right now!
  18. i do admit I have asked for help with homework. I wish people would just give me the answer... i mean who doesn't want to get help with their work from other people some time or another. I have been struggling with some questions and asked for help. I have no one else who I could ask on the weekends. I just ask for help... sometimes people flat out give me the answer... what am I supposed to do really ? I like when I get pointers which help me get to the answer myself because it helps me remember for the next time i need to know that answer. I am new to this so I will be posting about questions from time to time... but i understand how everyone would think i am asking for the answer. Of course I want to know the answer, but I want to get to it myself. I also once getting the answer think it is somewhat wise to ask if I did it correctly. sorry if I make you all think I am just here for homework help... you are only partially right with the assuming. Never assume because it makes an ass of you and me!
  19. andie

    freezing point

    i have been wondering why a solution does not have a constant freezing point. Anyone have any ideas? Not really sure ... my prof asked the class and asked us to find out... cant find any help so i wondered if anyone wants to give me some help. P.S. it is not homework for those who think i only am here for homework!
  20. i knew that is what it was i was merely aksing for reassurance. Can't people have a second opinion on things. I honestly need to be reassured on things there is no reason for you to get rude. I wanted some help. Obviously i knew what i was talking about to the point as to where i asked u if it was right or not? it was totally uncalled for but w/e!
  21. andie

    redox reaction

    so i have this lab question to tackle and i am not too sure about the answer. I was wondering what the products are of the reaction: add water to a stest tube then add KMnO4 then add sulfuric acid MIX ALL TOGETHER and then add KI. how do i know what the products are and if there is a precipitate. my observations of this reaction were that the solutions are all clear and colourless then once mixed without the KI they r yellow. once the KI is added the solution turns and orangey brown colour. PLEASE HELP!!!
  22. but what is the reactant of copper wire and the flame of a bunsen burner???? is it just Cu(s) + O2(g) ?????????? PLEASE HELP!!!
  23. well im in a first year lab and it is supposed to be a redox reaction. I am not sure what to say reacts with the copper wire. is copper wire CuO or CuO3???? PLEASE HELP!!!
  24. what is the complete ionic equation of copper wire once put into a bunsen burner's flame. PLEASE HELP!!
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