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  1. if i have a cell with n=4 how would i draw the cell in metaphase and anaphase ? what if the cell was n=2 ? i do have a book that shows pictures of the different phases
  2. its not homework but thanks for the help
  3. a mutation occures in the gene Dna polymerase. if the mutation is deleterious what would be the effect of the mutation on the cellular process that the protein contributes to ? what if the mutation was substitutions
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    I had to write a one page essay and i would like to know if someone here could read it and tell me if i answered the question properly. write an essay discussing protiens , nucleic acids and carbohydrates as examples of polomers. give examples of polomeric forms of each biomolecule. i dentify the given examples of the monomeric units. what are the main functions of these three types of biomolecule ? Nucleic acids are very high polymers joined by ester linkages between phosphoric acid and sugar monomer units. The nucleic acid molecule directs the sequencing of amino acids in the synthesis of protein as well as its own reproduction. Protein polymers are sequential poly-peptides with complex structural repeats. Through a combination of chemical and biological methods, protein polymers are produced using gene template directed synthesis. Carbohydrates are diverse both with respect to occurrence and size. For the polymerization of carbohydrates, research has been directed to saccharification. This involves the production of fermentable sugars from lignocellulostic materials to yield either glucose syrup for direct consumption or as a fermentable feedstock stream for bulk chemical or fuel ethanol production. (dsDNA and dsRNA are two forms of nucleic acid polymers. . Starch is an inexpensive, totally biodegradable carbohydrate polymer. Starch can be rendered thermoplastic in an extruder by combination with plasticisers such as water or glycerol, when it is generally described as de-structurised. Under such conditions, starch granules are fragmented crystallinity is lost by disruption of hydrogen bonds and partial de-polymerisation occurs. An example of protein polymer is the gluten polymer. Gluten containing 16% or more water is rubbery at room temperature. Thus, as water content equilibrates upon mixing, gluten undergoes a glass transition at room temperature, which turns the protein into a mobile polymer and enables it to interact with other gluten polymers/ Nucleic acid polymers may be useful in identifying the presence of nucleases that may hydrolyse double labelled nucleic acid polymers, since it is not to be hydrolysed by such nucleases). Carbohydrates, sugars and amino sugars are the major building blocks of many sugar derived polymers and lipids that form the antigenic surface structures prokaryotes. Nucleoside diphosphate (NDP) sugars acts as intermediaries in carbohydrate synthesis by activation of sugar 1 phosphate with NTP to NDP sugars, modification of NDP sugars by reaction such as deoxysugar synthesis, and transfer of NDP sugars to appropriate acceptor, which is the final step of polymer synthesis (Lengeler et al, 1999). Protein polymer developed for commercial use promotes the adhesion of live cells to polystyrene culture vessels in the absence of natural adhesion factors. Due to their intrinsic biological nature, protein polymer materials will undoubtedly find their most significant application with live cells or tissues both inside and outside the body
  5. could really use some help with with molecular weight. could some one please show me how to do this sample problem so i can understand it better. thanks Fructose has the epirical formula c6h12o6. glucose has the same empirical formulia but a different structural formula. table sugar is composed of one fructose and one glucose joined together. calculate the molecular weight of sucrose sow calculation.
  6. one last question the net charge which has gained one electron would be +1 the net charge number of an atom which has lost two el;ectrons wopuld be -2 Are these correct? thanks
  7. Naci and H-c-h with a double bond of oxygen above the c are soluable in water. why is that ?
  8. can some one please help me with this question butter and lard are solid at room temp. vegetable and corn oils are liqued at room temp in terms of the chemicle structure and behavior of lipid molecules why are animal fatrs solid and oils are liquesd at room temp
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