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somethings wrong with my knuckle!

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can someone please advise me on what to do. if you can.


Story: i punched through a piece of wood... contacting with my middle finger's knuckle. (the knuckle at the top of your hand when you make a fist) an it dislocated partially.... when i went from a flat hand to a clenched fist i could see the tendon sliding over my knuckle an the knuckle had visibly been squashed down an was much like in two pieces... there is a whole or a cavity in the middle of the knuckle an it no longer protrudes out. it is plateaued. i got an xray at the hospital an there is no fractures or anything wrong with the bone an i got an ultrasound an the tendon is sitting more to the right of centre than usual an is swelled. the doctor didnt know what is wrong an referred me to a costly hand specialst.. so i was just curious if anyone knew what the problem was.. or how i can fix it.. or if i should just let it go.. or do i need surgery.. like answer questions like that.


also.. like its been 2 weeks now.. an it doesnt hurt or feel that uncomfortable... unless i punch something... its still swollen an big an fat.. an the tendon still slides in an out of place.


im sorry for writing so much. if you have read this all thank you. any replies that dont involve.. just go see the damn doctor would be good. like im not expecting a university medical doctors answer on here.



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Don't punch through wood! :P


I punched someone and hit them with the wrong part of my hand and it gave me a "Boxers Fracture". The knuckle no longer protrudes like it did, its flat. But, it doesn't hurt and isn't swollen.... so it sounds like you've got more issues. Normally, fingers heal up pretty well on their own, doesn't require surgery or anything to fix.. (other then taping the finger to the adjacent finger to keep from moving it too much). My hand stayed swollen for a while then started to heal itself after a week. Sometimes it takes light surgery to fix the broke bone.


just my 2 cents

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if its been two weeks and you have as much swelling as before, have it rechecked. should have seen some improvement in a week, so you might have damaged it more severly than they first thought, or it may have been misdiagnosed as to injury. remember it's our hand, and you tend to like to have continuing function in those appendages.


mr d

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