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last night one of my friends gave me this question.


if a helicopter were to fly up in the air and stay there hovering fo a few days. when it landed why wouldnt it be on the other side of the earth?


i did answer, i said that with the earth as the frame of reference and within the atmosphere. the helicopter is considered motionless when it is moving with the earth at the same speed as the earths rotation and orbit. and that for the helicopter to move it requires velocity or at least a speed greater or lower than motionlessness. which while it is stationary it doesnt have.


im not sure if my explanation was right or not. what does everyone think? could you give me a better one or at least prod me in the right direction?




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It is stationary with respect to the air. In reality if the helicopter didn't make small adjustments it would not hover over the same spot because it would move with the air currents.


If there were no global winds and no statistical fluctuations the air would remain stationary with respect to the ground (angular momentum conservation) and so would the helicopter.

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