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controlling your emails


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i saw http://www.bigstring.com and like the idea. here is how it works:

you make an account there and send a email. When you type in your message and click send, the email message turns into an image. The person recieves your message as an image. You can control the image and do things such as limiting how many times it can be viewed, recovering it( it switches your image with a image that reads "the message has expired") , you can also set dates to when the image will delete it's self(it just switches your message, which is an image, with another image that's blank, or says the email has been pulled back. The image format is .png


my question is how do i make an image that can only be viewed a certain times? I don't like bigstring because everytime you send an email it says " Get a Free Self-Destructing, Recallable and Non-Printable Email

Account from Bigstring.com Click Here"


and it's really annoying

thank for your help

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They are probably linking to an image on their own site and deleteling it after the date. Easy to do really...


I dislike this idea esspecially as I block email downloading images so wouldn't be able to view it. And also dislike the idea of people controling how long I can read their corospondance for. You can't send someone a letter that disintegrates after 10 days...

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