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Einstein was WRONG!!!!! And EVIL!!!


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:) I understand whats being written' date=' I just have a hard time Conceptualizing a photon on the other side of the universe "knowing" what the photon on this side is doing. I find it hard to believe......so far. I'm as skeptical as Einstein was. I keep wondering if QM is going to be around in the next 20 years.




That blows me away too. I wasn't clear on what causes particles to become entangled.

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try thinking of it this way. i join together two objects with a brass rod, i move one and the othre object moves, nothing 'caused' them to become joined by a brass rod.


too easy?


how about I have a room with a two doors one at either end, both open inwards, one is slightly ajar, as i sharply open the other door the ajar one slams shut, it didn't 'know' i opened the other door and nothing 'caused' there to be air in the room to transmit the 'message'


quantum particles do weird stuff, let's face it. i think we should stop being surprised and start accepting it happens if it happens.

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try thinking of it this way. i join together two objects with a brass rod' date=' i move one and the othre object moves, nothing 'caused' them to become joined by a brass rod.


too easy?


how about I have a room with a two doors one at either end, both open inwards, one is slightly ajar, as i sharply open the other door the ajar one slams shut, it didn't 'know' i opened the other door and nothing 'caused' there to be air in the room to transmit the 'message'


quantum particles do weird stuff, let's face it. i think we should stop being surprised and start accepting it happens if it happens.[/quote']


Air pressure closed your door, but in the distances between galaxies it wouldn't have. What gets me is the "transmission". What is being transmitted. They say photons can know even at vast universe distances. How do they know? How is it tested?


Also "just accepting it" :) doesn't cut it for me....I want to know. Otherwise its just a mathematical equation that happens to work out a problem that doesn't exist. :confused:



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I'm not going to explain entanglement (I can't) but I can try to explain why it isn't as surprising as you think.


Firstly, throughout history people have dismissed things as impossible, yet we now see them as silly for so doing. Perhaps this is just another thing?


Secondly, I'm not asking you to accept it just because the equations say so, I'm saying you should accept it if the equations predict it and it is experimentally verifiable. Otherwise it is just speculation. But remember the maths is just a model for predicting what should happen, the important things are how well it works compared to real life.


Thirdly, make sure you have a correct idea of what entanglement actually is (not what a popular science book says it is), and the experiments that verify it (look at the Niels Bohr Institute's website for instance). I suspect that what entanglement acutally 'is' is not what a popular science book paints it as, just as anyone who bases their idea of chaos theory or the riemann hypothesis on the popular science books would be surprised if they actually saw the 'real' maths people do on the subject.


The analogies were supposed to be analogies by the way, and you were supposed to imagine that you hadn't discovered air pressure and (in)compressibility of fluids.

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Viva El Bascule! (Sir.)


With that many exclamation points and a CPA status, how could Mr. Fred (Simmering Saucily?) Hutchinson be wrong, or evil?


Speaking for myself and I am sure many others likewise lacking the courage to disagree with this ostensibly omnipotent authority, I am overwhelmed by his expertise and comprehension of Einstein's Semite twisted ravings.


Thank you for reading this missive.


K.B. Robertson


World's #1 Einstein Groupie

Apprentice to Albert - The Axe - Einstein.

The Last Man Standing

(Aegis to the Great EuroAsian Continental Green Grass RiverDragon.)

Vini Vici Entiendo

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And yet you cant get past the fact that the terror of the world (Atomic missiles) can call Uncle Albert …well' date=' Uncle Albert.


Japan got the brunt of it.. countries this very day are invaded to preempt it.


That is quite an EVIL legacy.

(and my momma said that evil is as evil does).[/quote']




Apparently this is in agreement with Mr. Fred Hutchinson's edict that Einstein was not only WRONG!!!!!, but also EVIL!!!!


Wrong he - Einstein - may be on any number of finer points, though in many popularly alleged cases of would-be corrections of Einstein's work, it is resolved that the contentions to his work - and sometimes himself, personally, such as the included factor of Mr. Hutchinson's attack - are falsely grounded: characteristically due to a basic misunderstanding of Uncle Albert's work, resulting in an ersatz 'correction' that, is, with no puns intended, 'irrelevant'.


Generally speaking, certainly Einstein's work has known its share of proper and well founded refinements; the same may be said of the works of Newton, which in fact were not at all disproven or contradicted by Einstein, but, rather, refined - moderated, fine tuned; placed in a more focused perspective.

Such refinement is predictably and very nearly inevitable as regards the vantagepoint of future scrutinization corresponding to advancements in technology and scientific methods. There may be no major contributor to science who has not been to one degree or another, 'corrected' with any number of proper and acknowledged correct refinitions of any given major contribution and contributor.


There flourishes a wide array of pro and con Einstein schools of thought and thinkers. 'The Special and General Theory have been abundantly attacked and criticized; allegations that they are wrong and proved to be wrong are not unusual. The Unified Field - Cosmological Constant/Lambda - may be the most favored issue of those who would take difference with Einstein. Se la vie.


Reviewing and questioning the status quo in just about any discipline, certainly - if not especially - the established principles of physical science is a commendable preoccupation; a very important part of what true science is (supposed to be) all about.


The fact remains that the findings and achievements of Einstein, however flawed remain at the status quo foundations of modern physical science, until further notice: along with those of contributors since the time of Democritus, Aristothenes and earlier, certainly including the more recent contributions of Bruno, Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Maxwell and Einstein (to name a few).


Mr. Hutchinson has candidly proclaimed Einstein to be wrong and openly offered his reasons for disagreeing with Uncle Albert's (terminologically endeared) personage, as well as his works.


Likewise, Mr. Hutchinson has proclaimed Einstein to be evil and openly offered his reasons for passing these morality based judgements.


It is well known that Einstein bashing - no more than scientific quackery, anti-semitism and wide spectrum bigotry at large, is not a new strategy for attempting to empower - or drawing attention to - one's self, neither is it an unusual social recreation. Efforts to gain notariety by employed methods of association; reaffirming Einstein is often no where near as noted as disagreeing with him. Many so called 'arguments' with his work are based on a false premise, wherein the contender literally doesn't understand what he triumphantly or agonizingly disagrees with.


This is true of many besieged works besides those of Einstein.

Not incomparable to the fairly new trend of would-be, patently charleton psychics who have graduated from table levitation, mass hypnosis and crowd mesemerisation regarding placebo ESP, facilitating alleged communications or other supernatural contact with perished persons 'on the other side'... Whereas, The New Age charleton (a blight on true psychics, the category of whom this record has no doubt do indeed possess or otherwise access or control truly extrasensory powers) specializes in making 'contact' and 'receiving messages' from Harry Houdini, Buster Crabbe, Mae West, Charlie Chaplin, Hedda Hopper, James Dean, Michael Todd, Jayne Mansfield, Joe E. Brown, Marilyn Monroe, and/or Elvis Presley (etceteras)...


Einstein trashers. Extrasensory super-star flashers. Big splashers.

Same Same. Einstein was WRONG. All the more impact when followed up with a passel (!!!!!!) of exclamation p'oinks. Not quite competitive quality for Howard - ShockJocking - Sternism, but giving it the same sirius satellite network broadcasting, blasphemous effort (on the http://www.net).


Hey. Einstein was not only wrong, he was EVIL (!!!!!)...


A rundown on that fizzle would only be a close approximation what's already understood by the majority of Readers, as above-reviewed.



And now, this:

And yet you cant get past the fact that the terror of the world (Atomic missiles) can call Uncle Albert …well' date=' Uncle Albert.


Japan got the brunt of it.. countries this very day are invaded to preempt it.


That is quite an EVIL legacy.

(and my momma said that evil is as evil does).[/quote']


Passing in Review:

Unsurpassable fact of atomic missile terrified world affectionately calls Uncle Albert.. well, Uncle Albert.

Seque to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the dark cloud of threat suspended over the world ever since

That is quite an EVIL legacy. Momma said that evil is as evil does.


A. Albert Einstein is no more responsible for the outset of atomic power used to make weapons of mass destruction than Aristotle is responsible for the collapse of Greek culture due to civil wars.


B. He did reply to a letter sent to him by President F.D. Roosevelt, who inquired of Einstein, whether he thought a weapon could be jerry rigged out of the findings of Special and General Relativity (SR in particular). He (Einstein) did reply that he considered it a real possibility and recommended that a program of producing an atomic - fissle - weapon - should be seriously considered and pursued. This recommendation, along with several other factors, including the fact that the Nazi's were working on the development of a nuclear weapon since prior to the involvement of the U.S. in W.W.II (of the early '40's).


A. and B. are to clarify that: Einstein did not invent nuclear weaponry, and, if the United States had not beat Hitler's Third Reich in the race to develop atomic weapons, the entire world - whatever may have been left of it - would have been under the dictatorial, racist, sexist, war and violence mongering power of the succeedors to Der Fuher's estate, scheduled as en perpetuatem for one thousand years.



C. Long before the 12.7/'41 attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese; since 1931, expansionist Japan was pillaging, raping and burning massive areas of eastern China, which, at that time had not significantly adopted or engaged modern industry or technology and lacked a coordinated government;while it did have the natural and human resources that Japan was forcefully and superviolently taking from China.


As a relatively small country with a relatively very high population, Japan had the choice of joining world commerce in obtaining what resources she needed through peaceful world trade, or engaging in expansionist warfare in order to steal resources she did not otherwise have. She chose - or was obedient to the command to choose - acquirement of what she needed, by initiating warfare on massive portions of eastern china and southeast Asia, including Burma and the Phillipines.


This went on for a full decade, with the *League of Nations - fonded by Bertrand Russel, Mahat Maghandi and, yes, (Uncle) Albert Einstein (*later to become the United Nations), constantly and increasingly reminding and admonishing Japan to cease and desist her warfaring expansionism, or, be embargo'd - cut off from world trade - by all members of the League of Nations.


Faced with that alternative, Japan chose to escalate her warmaking, pillaging, rapine and purloining of natural resources from the eastern Asian continent, and, having made that decision to continue her course of violence, she opted to neutralize the most powerful force in the Pacific, to insure that she would not be deterred from her monstrous oppression of all of eastern Asia.


'Japan got the brunt of it.' (Is it?)


She sure as hell did, and just as it was with the Fascist Nazi Third Reich, so it was with Japan. That is to say: it was either us, or them.


Moreover. Not to blame your contorted translations and revisional history, on your 'mama'. She was as far as can be seen, altogether correct in the advise she favored you with. Whereas, you are very apparently the object lesson that evil is as evil does.


My Mama lost three (3) of her brothers in that God forsaken holocaust on both sides of the United States. In the name of those three hallowed soldier, sailor and airman spirits, and 26 and more million other innocents like them, this record and millions - billions - of morally, legally and politically correct agreements with this record, weary of listening to your hand-wringing, whining, complaining, and indignantly laced smugness about who was and was not responsible for the development and employment of atomic weapons; under what (mind boggling) circumstances.


(World War II was not Vietnam. Meanwhile, passing the blame on to the United States, and: yo mama, is further proof of the age old adage that 'Not even God can change history; but people can'. <Evil is indeed, as evil does, and, there is no getting past that terrifying fact...> )


This condemnation of Japan and Germany in the issued time frame is not to be confused with the relative innocence of the 2nd and 3rd generations of peoples from either or both of those two countries, at this time.


Please convey your sympathetic regard to Dear old Uncle Fred Hutchinson, in the name of all those poor, slavering Samurai impersonators and Nazis, for the tens of millions of (particularly Chinese, Polish, Russian and Jewish, and innummerable other unaccounted for) souls who perished (and continue to suffer in their second and third generations) under their inexcusably rabid, self and countryman imposed - as well as world ravaged - despotism.


(Did <May God bless> your <grossly misrepresented> Mama, suggest you don a new wardrobe in place of the flaming duds you're presently and publicly strutting about in? <The seven year old grandson of a dear friend of mine just suggested that you put yourself out, voluntarily, before somone throws you in the nearest lake.>...

Having heard this record say it before, the same seven year old added that, it's always a good idea to know what, where, when, how and who you're talking about - and to - before you place your tin can caboose in contention with battleship row.)


Thank you for reading this missive.



K.B. Robertson (Aka, etceteras).


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The person who wrote the origional thread trying to disprove Einstien is a complete moron who has no concept of his work.

I can't be bothered to point out all the holes in his text because there are so many of them.


To the Einstein critique writer:- Please, never go near an internet forum again.

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The person who wrote the origional thread trying to disprove Einstien is a complete moron who has no concept of his work.

I can't be bothered to point out all the holes in his text because there are so many of them.


To the Einstein critique writer:- Please' date=' never go near an internet forum again.[/quote']


Bascule kindly pointed out the Quoted article in order for us to mock.

anyway we know einsteins ideas are incorrect(but still damn close) anyways since they can't be applied to the quantum level. the next theory will just be Relativity 2.0

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I havent read about this person but I know a little from various sources.I recon that for someone to even percieve that light has a given velocity sets them apart from the norm. to actually come up with E=MC/2 (CANT DO THE SMALL 2) is bloddy incredible.I do understand this concept and it make so much sense in that it links both energy and mass to the speed of light.Brilliant.

Anyone who doubts our grey bearded friend has thier work cutout. to suggest some link with human behaviour, the concept that everything is predictable by numbers could be true or not true or it could be partly true.

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A 'click on' to bascules offered (paramountly resourceful) thread (above - http://www.singularityforums.net -) aligns this response more specifically, but here's hoping there's a place for it here (Einstein was WRONG!!!! and EVIL!!!!), also.




Greetings, salutations. Howdy & Hallucinations, fellow Campers.


For a Singularity thread (it is, isn't it? And more power to it) this (blessed) 'bascule'-administrated site sure has a lotta plurality's in it.

(And that is good, no?) :huh:<_<



Note of suggestion to to 'rocket jockey' and 'Pham Nuen': you might consider slipping a copy of Alvin Tofler's FUTURE SHOCK, or THE THIRD WAVE, onto the living room coffee table (without any introduction, feigning ignorance of how it appeared in wherever you choose to have it mysteriously pop up in the household. Taking responsibility for placing it may reduce their interest in reading it, if and when they know that's what you wish them to do).... <_<


The books were written twenty and more years ago but are no less applicable to the - often alarming - exponential growth of technology and change in global affairs, and accompanying social and cultural impact that eacj of you are apparently - and quite understandably - describing a quandary with, regarding your parents, or the technologically amplified 'generation gap'... _____________________





Starting at the beginning subject of this thread on singularities, correct Truly Yours if wrong here, but, isn't that the 18th to 19th transitional Pebble Beach tee-off berm leading to the cross-winded repository on 'black holes'?


There's a lot of cul de sac controvesy on that generally mysterious subject is the only sure thing there seems to be on those 1st thru 18th greens corresponding with as many infinitely dense, gravitationally light captivating - Riemannian reminiscent - cups (and then some); complicated and distanced by a lot of dog's legs, water hazards and handicaps.


Starting with the parabolic arc from any given sand trap, there's an entire school of Relativists who have named that apparent arc a 'geodesic' and insist that it rully is a straight line, generated by the illusory 'curvature' of the so called (much misinterpreted) 'warping of 4-D space around it'.


Thoughtful woody swingers may wonder what I'm doing here in the club house talking like a pro to a mixed group of greenhorns, astute dilletantes and Ph.D's., but we all do have in common until further notice the recently birdied fact that Einstein scored an Eagle when he glided through with what is now accepted as the ubiquitous, all prevailing 4-D space time continuum.


Took the right and left hand hooks out of the formerly three dimensional drivers; though nobody seems to be altogether sure whether or not the ball is on the fairway or exactly how and where it may be located If it's) in the rough (or a bird's nest?), ever since.


Not telepathic here, but I s'pose its reasonable to wonder what the flock I'm doing talking about birdies and eagle's nests and only humanly being tee'd off, that sort of thing, in this introductory department provided by the eternally venerable 'bascule' (of the 'Highlands?) who did after all, root out Mr. Fred - ('Einstein is WRONG <!!!!> and EVIL <!!!!> Hutchinson's doctoral in scientific comedy, burlesque and socio-cultural bigotry, as a contribution to the Smithsonian Institute taxiderical specimens dept. and joined by the company of those who have the Japanese Imperial Dictatorship of 1931 - 1945 'taking the brunt' of what 'mama says', regarding 'evil is as evil does.' (Sheesh) Of course innocent Japanese did - and still do - suffer, that's part of the point that 'REVERSE' impaled his, her or itself with. in 'bascules' release of the charming - Hearts & Minds Winning - Mr. Hutchinson.


Anyway, speaking of introductions, my rully real name is Kent Benjamin Robertson, Aka etceteras, and unless Dear Reader doesnt' spend much time surfing the net, a cartel of remarkably chain reactionary coordinated 'people' have made me famous 'all over the www' for what they (as self revealed gluttons for self-inflicted masochistic punishment wearing the raimants of sadism and 'rightousness') are individually, collectively and irretractably responsible *for ( - as I am known for being fond of observing): *compromising a sealed can of Whoopaz, clearly and humanely labeled 'Don't Open This'; while chanting:

'Two wrongs don't make a right, but, three or more do!' (Re: 'the 3 body problem', and 'Lagrange L-1 thru L-5', which some Lost Platoons insist proves that there are 'zerp points of energy' in far or near space. Some of these misleading poltroons pack a lot of wallop on - and blackball anyone who disagrees with them -on and off some major forums.)

Truly Yours has been made famous in many different ways on as many forums: getting 86'd (banned), for knowing more than my adversaries know I know? (Recent Example: The guy who got in the way of vice president Dick Cheney's lead bird shot had it coming and made the hunting liscense bereft, administrative V.I.P. do it.)

Enough self aggrandizment for the moment of being overwhelmed by the started, fought, won and lost war of - triumphant! - orbsyclied, GAHDly words that prove that a quadruped such as a dog or cat, posseses a fifth leg, which use to be a tail, and how enough people have gathered togther to disagree with Yours Truly: that their democratic vote on this transformation of tail to leg has redefined quadruped anatomy to quintuple anatomy ( 'We can't all be wrong'. So, there?)


The Where We Were.



Oh yes. Singularities - and before that, Einstein.

Bascule (Is it okay to spell yer name with a Capital B, Sir?) admirably and smoothly improvised the opportunity to access readers to this realm (You are here X) featuring discussions on singularities and related issues, from the MotherShip forum on Einstein (Not Fred Hutchinson?).


Some forums disallow the 'click-on' opportunity for the Reader to be accessed to another forum, whereas, since Bascule gracefully did so (We: are here X), and in view of the preceding entries who have thence registered and logged themselves in here: by Bascule's administrative leave, I will chance the liberty of accessing whatever interested Reader may wish to scrutinize or otherwise peruse my Home page, before this blog closes from this Introductory entry - my thought being that whomever may not know - whether or not they agree with - my work, may be opportuned to draw their own conclusions, and perhaps, improve, disqualify, augment or reclassify the information therein (We may or not be what others say we are. We may or not be what we say we are. But, we are what we do - and are not what we don't do.)


Yes. There is much talk of singularities - black holes. You know, that place in space that is ever increasingly so dense and gravitationally intense and yet microcosmic that light signals are prevented from escaping its - estimated - yet to be empirically established coordinates.


It isn't established for sure that they exist, let alone what causes them. Well. If they exist, Truly Yours has written a (- ten sold out editions of an internationally distributed, small press) book (in the past 45 years), not only on what may be the (non-mathematically comprehensible) cause of black hole singularities, but, also:


offers a Relativistic explanation for dynamics at the quantum level,


the objective union of the 'discontinuous particle' with the 'continuous field' (the compatible 'waveicle'),


as well as the non-mathematical translation of Einstein's Special & General Relativity and the Reinstatement of his Presently Abandoned Unified Field Theory.


Why The Big Bang Theory Is Wrong,

and, that 'Entropic Heat Death' is a myth...


Including the non-mathematically comprehensive explanation for Relativistic 'non-absolute time', and, 'non-absolute space';

'time dilation',


why 'space and time' are inseperable and became recognized as 'space-time',


what is the explanation forthe relativistic contraction of physical matter in the direction of its motion at a rate proportional to its velocity.


The identification of three prevously unrecognized - 4th, 5th & 6th - dimensions.


The proof and explanation for the ('Hubble's 'red shift') Spatially Expanding Universe.


The reinstaement of the presently abandoned Steady State Theory.


The reason all test objects, regardless of their mass value, when dropped simultaneously from the same height, 'descend' at the same rate of acceleration and strike the earth at the same time (contradicting Newton's laws of gravity).


Why an apparent parabola described by a horizontally projected test object (baseball, bullet, cannon-ball, etc.) is actually traveling in a straight line 'geodesic';


exactly what causes 'geodesics'.


Why Xeno's paradox is not paradoxical,


why and how Olber's paradox is not paradoxical and explains and substantiates the relative velocity of light,

what is time?

what is space?


Why the value of time varies with the 4-dimensional coordinate system from which it originates and with which it is associated.


What causes 'refraction'?


Then, there are newly presented, unresolved issues of so called 'entanglement' and 'how one photon on this side of the universe knows of and identifies with an apparent counterpart photon, 'on the othe side of the universe'.


Whereas, it seems to this (Gravity, Electricty & Magnetism are the 4th 5th & 6th Dimensions: Non-mathematical Reinstatement of Einsteing Presently Abandoned - Steady State - Universe (etceteras) author, to be intimately bound up in what is sometimes colloquially called 'parallel universes'...


More specifically resolved by Truly Yours as a manifestation of 'bilateral symmetry' and 'bi-polarity' - two examples of ubiquitous universal entities associated with the existence of any physical entity - from the torus shaped magnetic field moving out of the north end of a macrocosmic objects, such as the earth, or a microcosmic entity, such as an electron. Whereupon, such magnetic field generated by and constantly emitting from (bipolar) north end, circles round to re-enter the 'bottom'; 'southern pole' of the bi-polar system - planet; electron; star; travels upward; 'northward' thorugh the central core, to exit the north pole of that system, circle round it to re-enter the south pole, ad infinitum. This also - in a 4-D space-time continuum - seems to account for the previously unexplained relativistic increase in mass value corresponding with increased velocity.


(There's a lot more where this came from, and plenty to go around for whomeover may wish to improve, disprove, augment, correct, applaud, question, or otherwise comment on it, on the menu slection TOTAL FIELD THEORY, at http://forums.delphiforums.com/Kaiduorkhons forums

and the menu selection on Einstein's work and the Unified Field, at http://einstein.periphery.cc/





"Nothing is ever accomplished by a committee unless it consists of three members, one of whom happens to be sick and the other absent." - Hendrik Willem Van Loon

"If science were a democracy, or a committee, the universe would still be revolving around the earth every 24 hours." - H. L. Mencken.


(And here's a few for Mr. Fred Evangelical - 'Evil is as wrongness insists' -) Hutchinson. <With all kudo's to the catalytically cavalier - Hoot mon - Bascule>)


"Prejudice and bigotry save a lot of time, because you can form and defend an opinion without the facts." - Anonymous


"The mind of a bigot is like the pupiel of an eye; the more light you pour into it, the more it will contract."


"Prejudice is a raft onto which the shipwrecked mind clambers and spindrifts."

- Ben Hecht


"Reality is dismissed, for lack of evidence." - Kent Benjamin Robertson


Thank you for reading this missive.



Kent Benjamin Robertson

Aka The White Mongol, Mystic Horse

World's #1 Einstein Groupie

Apprentice to Albert - The Axe - Einstein

The Last Man Standing

Aegis of the Great Continental EuroAsian Green Grass RiverDragon

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Wow, Fred Hutchinson sure knows how to speak long and eloquently about something he obviously knows nothing about. A classic case of an 8-cylinder mouth being run by a 1-cylinder education.


If I was younger it would almost make me ashamed to admit I'm a Christian.

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Would you please show your kindness where I can get direct download Book "Brian Greenes "The fabric of the Cosmos" :D


Quick, before I get yelled at, :)


I don't think you can get a direct download, but here is where I bought mine.





I don't understand the rules of necroposting. The last entry in this thread was just 30 days ago. I tried searching the forum rules, but nothing came up.


An explanation is needed somewhere. ;)



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Necroposting is just posting a new post in a very old thread. The thread was done and dusted a month, and now it has been started up again, someone who does that would be a necroposter (I just kinda made that word up, seems to make sense, to me anyway!).


You can legally purchase books online, otherwise known as an ebooks (ie. you buy them as a .pdf file), however I don't think there is an "e" version of The Fabric of the Cosmos, so best bet is to buy it from Amazon or a book shop.


You rarely get illegal books online because, well, nobody can be bothered to type it all up! (or scan it all in or whatever)

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You rarely get illegal books online because, well, nobody can be bothered to type it all up! (or scan it all in or whatever)

wouldn't it be rather easy to post an e-book?



edit:necroposting isn't against the rules, but it annoys a lot of members.

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wouldn't it be rather easy to post an e-book?



edit:necroposting isn't against the rules' date=' but it annoys a lot of members.[/quote']



Ok, I just wanted to know how long before its considered a necropost. I remember Sayonara stomping :eek: (I kinda miss him) on someone for starting a new post. He said find a post already started and add to it. This is not a big deal to me, just wondering....



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GR/SR actually DO condone moral relativism and thanks to Dr. Onebeermug (Ein Stein), in 1945 the US became the first country to technically murder mass to commit mass murder.
So the kinetics that drives a bullet supports muder as well does it? Or the properties of steel that help it keep its shape as it goes through flesh? What about the presure that forms a rock before it gets smashed over someones head?
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So the kinetics that drives a bullet supports muder as well does it? Or the properties of steel that help it keep its shape as it goes through flesh? What about the presure that forms a rock before it gets smashed over someones head?

You have a point.

It's NOT guns that kill people - it's the BULLETS.

What we need are more bullet control laws. :D

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Where are the dimensions and where are they not?

Boundless dimensions of music and thought.

Infinite dimensions of cold and of hot.

Dimensions of beauty and wine and of thee,

occur in spatial dimensions of which there are three.

A 3-D you anna 3-D me,

munching 3-D apples from a 3-D tree.

3-D up and 3-D down. 3-D apples to the 3-D ground.

A 3-D fall anna 3-D 'thump'. 3-D sugar inna 3-D lump.

3-D smooth and 3-D rough.

4-D Einstein singin', 'Three ain't enough'.

4-D guitar and 4-D strings.

Albert's 4-D song about 4-D things.

4-D amplifier and 4-D gear,

singin' 4-D music into 3-D ears.

3-D professors onna 3-D jag,

stuffin' 4-D physics inna 3-D bag.

If you're lookin' for a message in here,

it's of 4-D headaches from a 3-D beer.

3-D professors tellin' 3-D lies,

gettin 3-D money for the Nobel Prize.

3-D scientists onna 3-D pension,

refusing to recognize, gravity is the 4th Dimens ion.


Copyright © 1969, '79 & '99,

by K.B. - CrazyHorse/ObiWan - Robertson.



Time, motion & gravity equal the 4th dimension. <1x4x9>) For more cost free rhythm and reason, please consider a season that resonantly sings beyond theories of strings.


From Euclid's straight line shine to Isaac's golden apple and its geodesic grapple.


A catchy little tune that most anyone can croon, by the curved silvery light of Albert's expeditionary moon.


Mr. Vanderelli's waking inspiration may yet sweep the sleeping nation at the slightest provocation.


An unrecognized solution that might start a peaceful revolution.


Big Bang Gangology’s further confirmation of their favorite libation - more denial and debate with the orphaned steady state.


Behold Albert's resurrected smart bomb with enduring aplomb.

Leaves all the buildings and people intact; takes 4-D space-time to get them back on track.

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One-beer-mug ein stein Thor Science Forums & Debate

WELCOME HOME, Maestro Fred Hutchison (& Co):

( All kudo's to Bascule <Inc.>, continued :)


Thor - Message #44:

“GR/SR actually do condone moral relativism and thanks to Dr. onebeermug (ein stein), in 1945 the U.S. became the first country to technically murder mass to commit mass murder.”



By the usage of the ‘technical murder of mass’ you apparently mean human induced nuclear fission (‘splitting the atom’, causing a ‘chain reaction’).

Other schools of disciplined thought call your clever manipulation ‘transposition of contexts’; it’s usually related to the adage:


‘Numberless are the apparently reasonable conclusions that are otherwise based on a false premise.’


You would attribute anthropomorphic values of life to the inanimate - in this case, the nucleus of a ‘split’ atom. Bequeathing that transition to the human translation of ‘murder’.


Extrapolating your established course of values, all of the stars in the sky are great homicidal theaters of nuclear fission; certainly including the nearest - medium sized - star, our Sun. A universal process of nuclear reaction is ubiquitously found in Nature, as specified. Your transition of contexts is duly noted - quick to call Nature a mass murderer and pass that monstrous interpretation on to whomever may be ‘Evangelistically’ inspired enough to imbibe and thrive in your miasma.


Mr. Fred Hutchison’s dissertation begins on the shakey premise of a ‘strong implication’, for example; by that I mean the subject of moral relativism that you’ve apparently teamed up with him on.


Mr. Hutchison begins his tirade - A CRITIQUE OF EINSTEIN - with the early premise that Einstein’s work ‘sends the message that all things are relative in the cosmos, with the strong implication that the realms of morality, truth and culture are relative. I dissent.” (Oh-ke)


Your message #47 - “You have a point”, in response to ‘the tree’: message #45, seems only to make ‘the tree’s’ point, all the more photosynthetically poignant.


Under the handle of ‘Thor’, your postings on Mr. Hutchison’s side of the political river he’s introduced, smack of a self contradictory pantheistic (Unevangelical) dualism that belies what may be a dualistic identity, finding you and Mr. Hutchison one and the same argumentive element (Lon Chaney?).


It is difficult to engage with much solemnity an argument which blithely walks through Einstein’s greatest achievements, as though fathoming the universe from his desk and blackboard is not as valid an approach to further understanding as any other type of expeditionary endeavor... Hutchison says it himself, indeed, Einstein did provide the leads, and for the most part, indeed, he did let the experimentalists do the ‘mopping up’ for him. In most cases, finding an optically smooth surfaced polish and reflection right where Einstein computed it would be. When Hutchison speaks of ‘Parallel lives’ of Spinoza and Einstein, leaning heavily on their Judaistic heritage, I may only wonder that he hasn’t taken note that the indoor cerebral methods of Newton were parallel to those of Einstein. Si.


You and/or Mr. Hutchison may or not have heard of or be familiar with the works of Jeremy Rifkin, who is the author of several splendid books, one of which isn’t all that marvelous, entitled ‘ENTROPY’. Now. You wanna talk moral relativism - transpositing the context of the inanimate to the anthropomorphic, that title is certainly even more worthy than your proposal that gross inanimate mass can be or is ‘murdered’.


How seriously can anyone be taken who proclaims “Gravity on earth has nothing to do with vortexes, whirlpools or warps in the space-time continuum”. / “Einstein’s gravity has no effect on the atomic level and a negligible if any effect on a baseball”.?


“Einstein cheats.”


“Plug figures”.


Empty academic allusions to Descartes, Kant and Quantum Mechanics - as though Einstein’s continuous field theory isn’t soluble in the discontinuity of Planck’s constant h.

There limited space in the incumbent format to take qualified difference with you, Thor, and/or Mr. Hutchison (Inc). Though you are invited to draw your own conclusions after perusing Einstein’s non mathematically translated Unified Field Theory at http://einstein.periphery.cc/, and http://forums.delphiforums/kaiduorkhons forums, where you may log in and select TOTAL FIELD THEORY on the menu.


(Get back to us on that, won’t you?)


Covetous flushing of the very reason ‘water going down the drain forms a whirlpool’ - convulute 'plugs' of explanation in molecular realms of mysterious dynamics; without a thought of explaining the inertial effects of a spinning earth and the fact that the whirlpooling drainwater moves clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere (going straight down the drain at the equator). It does relate to gravity as all phenomenon and existential conditions inevitably do, but the lecture on spiral shapes and vortexes favors the very premises Mr. Hutchison is trying to discredit.


Spinoza’s God and that of Einstein is an existential God, not a personal taskmaster, supervisor, coach or guardian angel. A personal God otherwise allows - if not wills - all the collateral human damage and intercine casualties of injustice and tragedy on earth. Ostensibly a concept of a personal God is optional, but religion, like politics - objectively speaking - has little and nothing to do with science (In the first, second and third places: squared...)


“It is high time for physics to outgrow Einstein.”


It sounds like you’ve been swinging around on the branches of the tree’s legacy, Mr. Hutchison. (Inc.) Just what sort of gravity - and tree - is it then, that grows you out and brings you down from the hominid high times? Thunderously bolted to yer own war worshipping hammer it is then.


Apparently, TIME magazine’s PERSON OF THE CENTURY rully scratched yer simian dandruff? :rolleyes:


For more detail on the futility of anyone blaming Einstein for E=MC2, you may - or not - check out messages #31 & 32 on this thread, by Truly Yours (perhaps you dropped something, long before Hiroshima or Nagasaki - like, a heck of a lotta world and scientific history- the inspiration for the Manhatten Project, Tickling the dragon’s tail; the Third Reich’s race to beat us to The Bomb, the fact that the Bomb saved Japanese as well as American lives <having to choose between the lesser of two acknowledged evils> stuff like that... <Peace must be defended. Freedom is not free.>)


“There are only two infinities. The universe, and, human :eek: stupidity.

And, I’m not too sure about the universe.” - One Beer Mug


Thank you for reading this missive.

- Poof

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