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Hi everyone,

I'm a medical student, and we are conducting research, and we encountered a problem along the way. After some research, it led me here to this website. I've seen a similar question and have taken note of the answers provided by other members, such as GoPro and Borescope. I messaged the author of the post, but he/she was last active in 2018. I'm unsure if I will receive a response, but I'll remain hopeful.

We are conducting research where we will grow fungi in our modified culture media. To facilitate fungal growth, we need to place it inside the Thermoline incubator for several days. Recording a video of the growth process would be beneficial since we will be observing the exact hour/day of their growth. The incubator will be set at 37 degrees Celsius. We're wondering if it's possible to place a wireless camera inside the incubator.

Given our limited resources as broke medical students, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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My experience with GoPro from a few years back is that the battery only lasts a few hours. You’d need an external power source, unless they’ve gotten a lot better.

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