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What would be the equivalent of "CARBON, TOTAL ORGANIC" ?


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In our database, we have a substance called "CARBON, TOTAL ORGANIC", but our client uses the newer list of EPA characteristics that doesn't include this name instead, it has the following list of Carbons. What would be the equivalent of "CARBON, TOTAL ORGANIC" in the EPA list below, so I can change the name and they can import data from our database? ChatGBT says that it could be "Carbon fraction, particulate organic material." Thank you

Carbon Delta, 
Carbon Delta 13, 
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)/Nitrogen (N2) Gas Ratio, 
Carbon Dioxide, fixed CO2, 
Carbon Dioxide, free CO2, 
Carbon Preference Index (CPI), Odd/Even Carbon Alkane Ratio, 
Carbon Tetrafluoride, 
Carbon black, 
Carbon dioxide, 
Carbon disulfide, 
Carbon fraction, particulate organic material, 
Carbon monoxide, 
Carbon tetrachloride, 
Carbon, isotope of mass 13, 
Carbon-13/Carbon-12 ratio, 
Carbon/Nitrogen molar ratio, 
Carbon/Phosphorus molar ratio
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