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The poetry slam is on Thursday 

5 hours ago, Alysdexic said:

Board's break with beam, baleful blow, belike. Moot not this mere's mark; mind ye, [craft] and [ken], not [kin], should helm. OpenAI's weard, now wend, waxes not. Unfold further, frore news fain.


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Google DeepMind’s new AI system can solve complex geometry problems. Its performance matches the smartest high school mathematicians and is much stronger than the previous state-of-the-art system.




“This is a really impressive result,” says Floris van Doorn, a mathematics professor at the University of Bonn, who was not involved in the research. “I expected this to still be multiple years away.”

DeepMind says this system demonstrates AI’s ability to reason and discover new mathematical knowledge.

“This is another example that reinforces how AI can help us advance science and better understand the underlying processes that determine how the world works,” said Quoc V. Le, a scientist at Google DeepMind and one of the authors of the research, at a press conference.

When presented with a geometry problem, AlphaGeometry first attempts to generate a proof using its symbolic engine, driven by logic. If it cannot do so using the symbolic engine alone, the language model adds a new point or line to the diagram. This opens up additional possibilities for the symbolic engine to continue searching for a proof. This cycle continues, with the language model adding helpful elements and the symbolic engine testing new proof strategies, until a verifiable solution is found.


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