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Synthesis of Sulphuric acid through Oxalic acid and Sulphur.


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Instead of CuSO4 if we use Sulphur in H2C2Othe reaction as follows,

H2C2O4 + S = H2SO+ CO2 + H2S(😶‍🌫️

or it can follow 

H2C2O4 + S = SO2 + CO2 +H2O (sealed reaction) 

so that Sulphir dioxide can react with the water 🤔  .

Just hate CuC2O4  precipitation too much effort. 🤕

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I can do that same with this reaction by using H2O2  i instead of water. But i was looking for a more easy and direct approach. Copper sulphate does better in this case. However its a disaster for cleanup as like as burning sulphur, that's why I was looking for an alternative . The first reaction is very convenient since the byproducts are only gases. But later I thought second reactions might also occur so I need some advises from experts 🥙🤠.  

I used to make it by distilling battery acid (35%) but it is now replaced with electrolyte gel . Really puzzled 🫥 cant get to Ti-Pt electrodes not even MMO(or leadO2 and to make PbO2 i need sulphuric acid) for electrolysis. And using graphite is wasting time since it will look like I am producing graphite powder instead of Sulphuric acid😅 there's  another way for anode is to use Sn-Pb soldering iron 😬 but i haven't tried it unsure whether it will work (a deep grudge against PbSO4). 


So that's why i was just hoping to find a direct approach for making it. 😮‍💨

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