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How to Convert Diffusion Rate to Hertz

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19 hours ago, sethoflagos said:

No, it's not quite so easy.

The diffusion function you seem to be looking for is an appropriate solution to Fick's 2nd Law for your specific geometry. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fick's_laws_of_diffusion and in particular the section "Example solution 1: constant concentration source and diffusion length".



Good advice +1

21 hours ago, amy1vaulhausen said:

This is by far the best response and most helpful so far!  Thank you so much for this feedback.  I wanted to provide an answer to those who have

been asking why I am interested in this and I also have some more questions.  The reason I am asking is that I would like to experiment with passing weak electrical  / RF signals through an aqueous solution to see if I can modulate saturation time of a diffusing substance. 

Thank you for you confidence and for that useful information explaining what you want to do.


As Seth says, the quadratic formula you quote comes from a specific solutions to Fick's 2nd law, using what is known as the error function.


I see this as a longer term project for you than just a few days, or even weeks, but I am delighted than someone wants to get their hands dirty with an actual lab experiment.

This is really Physical Chemistry or even Electro Chemistry, but sadly we don't have categories for these here.

Anyway I was going to elaborate on my previous post with some more maths and elctrochemistry references but I will be away for a couple of days.

If I posted the development details of Fick's 2 laws and the electrochemistry at what level can you handle it ?




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