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6 hours ago, mistermack said:

How would AI handle the simple ones ? 

An Englishman and an American are sitting on a wall. 

The Englishman is the father of the American's son.


ChatGPT has handled it very well:


In the given scenario, there are two individuals: an Englishman and an American. Let's refer to them as John (the Englishman) and Mark (the American).

"The Englishman is the father of the American's son" means that John is the biological father of Mark's child.

To further explain the situation, we need to consider a few possibilities:

  1. John and Mark are in a same-sex relationship: In this case, they may have used a sperm donor or a surrogate to have a child together. As an Englishman, John would be the biological father, and the child would be their son.

  2. John had a previous relationship with a woman and fathered a child: Before being in a relationship with Mark, John might have been in a heterosexual relationship and had a child. Later, he entered a relationship with Mark, who became the child's stepfather or co-parent.

  3. Adoption or surrogacy: John and Mark may have adopted a child together or opted for surrogacy, where John is the biological father, and Mark is the legal father.

These are just a few possible explanations to illustrate how the Englishman could be the father of the American's son. The specific circumstances would depend on the individuals involved and their personal situation.

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(Inspired by the @mistermack's post above.)

ChatGPT could not make the logical step to figure out the following question (and evidently is not familiar with the Chinatown movie)



Katherine is Evelyn's sister and daughter. Explain.



It seems there is a contradiction in your statement. If Katherine is both Evelyn's sister and daughter, it implies an inconsistency in the family structure. In traditional family relationships, a sister and a daughter are two distinct roles within a family. Let's examine the possibilities separately:

  1. If Katherine is Evelyn's sister: This means Katherine and Evelyn share at least one parent, typically their mother or father. They are siblings and have a common parentage.

  2. If Katherine is Evelyn's daughter: This implies that Evelyn is Katherine's mother. In this scenario, Evelyn is the parent, and Katherine is the child.

Based on the given information, it is not possible for Katherine to be both Evelyn's sister and daughter. If there is additional context or clarification, please provide it so that I can better assist you.


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